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Trip Cancellation:


• Trip cancellation fees (for one of the causes covered)

Trip Interruption:

• Compensation for interruption of the trip purcha sed (for one of the causes covered).

• Compensation for loss of tours or excursions // 300 €

The risks assumed by the INSURER, which shall give rise to the reimbursement of cancellation fees, are those indicated below:

• All causes demonstrable by the relevant supporting document that are unforeseeable, unavoidable and beyond the control of the POLICY HOLDER, that are not listed in the policy exclusions, and that necessarily and inevitably prevent the trip from taking place on the dates agreed, such as: accidents, health problems, employment issues (dismissal, change of company or work place to a different province/state), administrative requirements, etc.

These risks will not be assumed by the INSURER if the policy holder is aware of these circumstances prior to booking the trip or taking out the insurance, or if they are the consequence of events expressly excluded in the policy's general conditions, such as:

• Non-compliance with contractual or payment obligations by the policy holder.

• Expiration or non-presentation due to oversight of personal or travel documentation required for the trip, non-issuance of visas to enter the destination countries.

• Acts provoked with intent, recklessly or by serious negligence.

• Participation in criminal acts, or inclusion in any government or police database due to suspected membership of terrorist groups or drug or arms trafficking organizations.

• Causes provoked by the alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness or suicide of the participants.

• All events stemming from chronic or existing diseases, unless they are unexpected deteriorations.

• Meteorological causes that have not led to the official declaration of a disaster zone in the place of origin or destination of the trip.