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When I arrive, how to identify transferable take me to the hotel?

If you booked a transfer program that includes or has contracted with us, our representatives will be waiting at the airport at the exit of the Arrivals hall, after passing through passport control and baggage, you must look at the posters around yours, find your name and that of his companion, always displays the name of the operator "Pullmantur" and not your travel agent if a delay arises out (loss of luggage, immigration review) urgently warn their transfer.

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How do I report my transferred my flight is delayed, will be waiting for me?

If you missed a connecting flight or changed you, contact phone urgently to contact our representative, you will find in the bonus voucher, Failure to notify the transferred after waiting 1 hour, and you will lose the shuttle . Make sure when you submit the documentation that these contacts.

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How do I enter the hotel?

Present your voucher with passport at the reception.

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If you need help during the tour or my arrival, who do I go?

During the tour, the Tour will always be accompanied by a companion guide to help you in everything you need, While in Madrid, or in any capital of the trip, our representatives or tour director will inform you and provide all the help also necessary to inform him of the excursions and activities available to enjoy and make the most during your stay.

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What's the time of entry and exit of the hotels?

The entry and exit is usually from 12:00 hrs.

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Where do I store the money, documents or valuables?

While you are at hotel, we recommend keeping valuables, money, and everything that is not indispensable in the hotel safe, if not, take it with you in a discreet place, had no money or jewelry in the suitcase or leave them unattended locations. Pullmantur will not be liable for loss or theft.

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What is the voltage in Spain and the rest of Europe?

The electric current in most of Europe is 220 volts. Electrical outlets are round, 2 for cylindrical rods plugs if necessary take your adapter, confirm the reception.

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What is included for breakfast?

Breakfasts vary depending on the series circuit. In the series Economic and tourist breakfast is cold buffet also includes coffee, juices, pastries, jams, butter, fruits, yogurts, cereals, cheeses and variety meats (ham, bologna, etc.)..

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How do I hire optional excursions offered for the circuit?

The tour guide informed in detail each of the tours can be guaranteed once confirmed by our operators at the destination, as well as services that include and final prices in euro or dollar price according to current exchange, you can pay by credit card in this case refer to the tour guide.

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What kind of currency and credit cards will I need?

The euro is the currency for the countries that are part of the European community, the use of the euro as the dollar is very widespread in Europe and both currencies are accepted without problems, credit cards are widely used in Europe Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most shops, restaurants, airports, etc.. In some facilities may only accept chip cards, we recommend you always carry some cash.

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