Before embarking

What documents do I need?

All passengers, including children and babies, must have their personal documentation in order, passport or visas according to the country or countries you are going to visit.

It is necessary that you have a minimum validity of 6 months for the itineraries in Egypt, the Holy Land, Antilles and South Caribbean.

Children under the age of 18 who travel without their parents must provide a written permission signed by their parents or tutors due to it may be asked for any authority.

We remind the passengers, especially those who do not have Spanish nationality, that they should make sure they have completed all the rules and requirements regarding visas before starting the journey.


What is included in the price of your cruise?

The price of your cruise includes all meals, in addition to water service in bars and restaurants, and service of juices, coffee, and tea in the main restaurants.

You can also enjoy these activities day and night on board:

- Spectacular shows

- Access to all bars and lounges

- Live Music

- Fitness center and jogging track outdoor

- All pools, Jacuzzis and solárium

- Library

- Disco

- Entertainment in the pool area

- Facilities, clubs, and entertainment for children and youth

- Selection of aboard movies and television

- The All Inclusive package, that you can get more information here.

The All Inclusive packages available are not included within the price of the cruise


Are transfers included?

Yes, if the itinerary includes the aerial. You will find Pullmantur staff who will show you the access to the buses to transport you to the port where the cruise will be waiting.

Otherwise, if the itinerary does not have the flight included, the transfers will be made by the customer. It is possible to book private transfer services with an additional cost.

Can I contract my Pullmantur travel insurance?

We recommend you our assistance insurance for only 20€, ensuring the tranquillity of having the main risks covered.

Can I book excursions before boarding in the cruise?

The tours reservation can be made by the agency or the client in the Web:

Objects not allowed on board

Not allowed to board objects that generate heat or produce flames as irons, electric stoves, candles, incense or any other object that may cause a fire. The curling tongs and hair dryers are allowed.

There is not allowed to board weapons, explosives or any other object that represents a risk to people or property. Such items will be confiscated by security personnel boat and take appropriate action. Possession of items such as dive knives must be reported to ship personnel at the time of shipment. Such items are allowed on board, but will be guarded by security personnel of the boat when not in use on land.

Do I need any visa to visit St Petersburg with the Baltic Capitals itinerary?

Our staff on board will negotiate with the Russian immigration authorities all the documents needed to go ashore without the need of an individual visa, if a Pullmantur excursion is contracted. When you contract an excursion, a collective visa will be made without any additional cost to the contracted price of the tour.

However, if you want to visit St. Petersburg on your own, we recommend you to negotiate with the Russian consulate the necessary documents to acquire your individual visa before the departure.

Can anyone contact me on board?

Yes, you can find all our ship telephones in the web

How can I get the Grand Class service?

If you book a Suite category in our boats you will have details and amenities at the port, on board and exclusive benefits.

Zenith, Horizon: ST and SR Categories

Sovereign: Categories RS, ST and GT Categories

Empress: RT and ST Categories

Can I travel being pregnant?

Given that the boat is not equipped for assisting in pregnancies and births no reservations are accepted from passengers who, on the trip finalisation date, are in their 24th week of pregnancy, or who are at a more advanced stage of their pregnancy.

What is the age to be considered baby or child?

Babies: from 0 to 2 years old. Children: from 2 to 17 years old.

What is the minimum age to travel?

It is not possible to travel babys who aren´t completed six months in the date of embarkation.

Can I travel with Pullmantur if I have a disability?

Yes, there are some cabins and areas adapted for disabled people.

Can I celebrate my wedding or vow renewal on board?

Yes, it is possible with Pullmantur, we are prepared to offer you all kind of facilities to suit your needs. Communicate it when make your reservation and everything will be ready at your arrival. This kind of celebrations have an additional cost.

If you get married aboard one ship of Pullmantur get: Marriage ceremony with the Captain, marriage certificate (no legal validity), beauty treatment and spa, hair and makeup for the bride and relaxing massage for two, washing and ironing of the wedding dress, unique bouquet for the bride, cocktail of champagne and canapes, wedding cake personalized photo album of the ceremony. The next day, continental breakfast in the cabin with an surprise gift, bottle of champagne and sweets. This kind of celebrations have an additional cost.

Should I bring any towel?

It is not necessary, Pullmantur offers you bath and pool towels that you will find in your cabin at your arrival.

How many bags can I take on board?

It depends on the route you take. If the aerial is included, the suitcase weight is determined by the airline.

What is the language on board?

Spanish is spoken in all Pullmantur ships, although the crew speaks several languages such as English, French and Portuguese.

Where can I park my car?

You can hire the long stay car park at Madrid-Barajas Airport, with the agreed prices. See brochure.

In Barcelona we deal with 2 car parks, but will be paid to the exit, on proof that they will ask at the reception of the ship.

Valet Parking is a new concept designed for exclusive parking GrupoPullmantur customers embarking at the port of Barcelona, ​​in which prevails the convenience and price without sacrificing service quality.
SERVICIO EXCLUSIVE: collect the car on the premises in C / Engines, 144 near the Port of Barcelona and moved to Messrs. transfer to the shipping terminal. On return, Messrs. collected in the terminal and transfer them to facilities where they make delivery of your vehicle. The price of this service is 79,99 euros.
SERVICIO VIP:Just get to the port and deliver your car, take him to the facility. On the way back we pick up on Mr terminal and transfer to our facility where we make delivery of your vehicle. The price for this service is 106 euros. We have complete facilities for your vehicle at the port, protected 24 hours a day, devoted exclusively our customers' vehicles and a professional team who will personally attend his car. Information and reservations: · Tel +34 +34 93 289 53 15