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Espectáculos en vivo - Pullmantur

The best live shows for your holidays

Your Pullmantur cruise is the perfect opportunity to discover new emotions and relax with interesting types of entertainment. Just as we make it possible for you to visit some of the most spectacular and fascinating destinations around the world, we also want you to feel and perceive, first hand, the joy and entertainment that we bring to you with our wide-ranging programme of live shows.

It is part of our character, which is why we have designed a series of different specific shows and spectacles on each of our ships, depending on the season. In this sense, our facilities available on board will enable us to give you a surprise with absolutely new leisure experiences, as you spend a pleasant time with your family, friends and other cruise passengers, making the most of their holidays.

Discover our programme of onboard shows

Cine Inmersivo - Pullmantur

Immersive cinema

A unique audio-visual experience that combines different performance arts to make the audience engage fully with the story being told. The atmosphere, decoration and scenery are all essential factors in making the film come alive. Those attending will therefore have to come dressed appropriately for the setting: the 1970s. It will end in a great finale where everyone can join in for an innovative form of entertainment.

  • Available on the ships Horizon, Zenith and Sovereign during the summer season 2019
Dorados Años 20 - Pullmantur

The Golden Age of the 1920s

Immerse yourself in the craziest, most glamorous years in history. The whole ship transforms into a completely different experience, going back in time to the 20s- A night full of surprises, with a show, dancing, a special menu and music, all maintaining the style and typical atmosphere of that legendary decade. Don’t miss any part of this celebration and discover everything that the Pullmans, our hosts for this memorable evening, have prepared.

  • Available on the ships Horizon, Zenith and Sovereign during the summer season 2019
Cuentacuentos - Pullmantur


Take a seat in our onboard Theatre and watch the performance of this classic tale for the whole family, accompanied by live music. Our entertainment team will bring the characters of the story to life in this retelling of one of the favourite stories of children, teenagers and adults. A tale in which the main protagonists are values such as companionship, magic, wisdom, goodness and bravery.

  • Available on the ships Horizon, Zenith and Sovereign during the summer season 2019
Mari Pompas - Pullmantur

Mari Pompas

Discover the story of the great-granddaughter of the legendary nanny, a loopy teenager who doesn’t take herself too seriously but is proud of her talents, entertaining the audience with her gift for creating enormous soap bubbles. These bubbles are present throughout the show, taking children and adults alike by surprise with their shapes, sizes and colours, although there is a special place for Bob and Blim, two bubbles with really unusual features.

  • Available on the ship Sovereign in July and August 2019

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