Gourmet Gastronomy - Pullmantur

Pullmantur GastroLab: a fascinating gastronomic journey

Gastronomy is a major cultural attraction of the Spanish way of life. We know that the greatness of each plate lies in the use of top-quality ingredients and especially in the careful work and professionalism of expert cooks. This is why we have created Pullmantur GastroLab, a brand-new culinary project for all our boats, open to knowledge and guided by the best of all possible ambassadors, the chef Jordi Cruz, whose passion and creativity have earned him three Michelin stars.

Every single one of our Pullmantur cruises, regardless of its itinerary, offers you the chance to taste exquisite, characteristic creations by outstanding chefs working in different disciplines, working in a team alongside our expert on-board cooks.

An attractive experience to indulge your five sense in our All Inclusive, in the gourmet areas and zones created by the best architects and restaurant designers. Pullmantur GastroLab offers you everything you would like to find on your table every day of the cruise, taking something great and making it incredible.

Pullmantur GastroLab is prepared like a finely-tuned classical music orchestra, and no one could be better qualified than Jordi Cruz to lead this new platform and to upgrade the new gourmet option on all our cruises. A painstaking process of elaboration, in direct contact with the company’s staff of chefs, has enabled this combination of flavours and ingredients to converge as a perfect representation of the multi-cultural roots of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Our sole aim is to make your on-board experience an extraordinary and unforgettable memory, reinventing the ways you can enjoy the flavours of a Pullmantur cruise. We take you to gourmet excellence and count on the ideal professionals to ensure we arrive in port.