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In the ship

How can I pay on board?

The passenger can decide whether to pay in cash (200 €/$ per person) or by credit/debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMEX), where we will charge all the expenses you make onboard. 


What person can I address to when I arrive at the boat? 

At the time of boarding, the Pullmantur staff will welcome you at the port or airport to help you with all the necessary arrangements. When you are on board and during all the cruise you will have whatever you need.


What to do with my luggage at the arrival? 

When you arrive at the port, the Pullmantur staff will receive your luggage and will transfer it to your cabin, where you will find it, usually two hours after boarding. Remember to identify your luggage and carry personally all your medicines, jewellery and valuable objects.


How to dress on board? 

Many people believe that in the cruises they have to be always impeccably dressed, but as always you decide. The gala dinner is an special occasion, so ladies can wear an evening dress and gentlemen a jacket and tie. You can also dress more casually; the only exception is that you cannot wear swimming costumes/trunks neither shorts in the dining room after 7 p.m. Sport shoes are very suitable for excursions.


Do I need some money on board? 

It is not necessary. During the cruise, to avoid having to carry cash or cards, we will provide you an identification card which you can also use to pay all the extras on board.


Are there any doctors on board? 

Yes, you will always find a doctor on board and nurses who will attend you during the office hours or at anytime you need emergency. The boat is equipped with the most common medicines, clinical material and emergency surgical items. The medical service is not included in the prices. Do not forget to bring the medications you regularly use.


Is there a laundry service on board? 

Our ships are prepared to make you feel like at home, you will find a laundry list along with a bag in your cabin. Your clothes will be returned to your cabin the next day. The same-day delivery is possible paying an extra charge.


Is there nursery service and activities for children on the cruises? 

There are activities for children over 3 years old: There is Baby Sitter service with and extra charge depending on the availability for children over 3 years old, request for it at the reception of the ship. · Trotanautas  children from 3 to 11 years old · Teen's Club activities for young people from 12 to 17 years old. 

*Within hours of Trotanautas  the parents will be able to make excursions leaving their children on board, after finishing the opening hours in Trotanautas  will be charged a babysitter in case of the parents are not on board.

*For children under 2 years does not exist Baby Sitter service.


Can I smoke on board? 

There are restrictions in public areas and cabins in all ships, but you can always find a space clearly marked and authorized for that.


Can I make purchases on board? 

In our stores you will find a wide selection of duty free articles (tax free). The shops will open when the ship is navigating and you can acquire a great variety of gifts, clothes, perfumes, jewelry, watches, leather goods and much more.


Is there any casino in the ships? 

In all Pullmantur ships you will find a casino where you can try if you are lucky playing traditional games like Blackjack, the American Roulette, Poker and a wide variety of recreational machines. Our professionals will make your stay at the casino is fun and enjoyable. Those of our passengers who are new in this area can receive free tuition during the cruise.


Is Internet available onboard? 

In all ships will be able to access an area for the use of the Internet with different rates. 

You can choose between our minutes plans: 250 minutes: 50€ (0,20€/min)

100 minutes: 30€ (0,30€/min)
60 minutes: 21€ (0,35€/min)
30 minutes: 12€ (0,40€/min)
Antilles & South Caribbean: 250min: 74,95$// 100min: 39,95$ // 60min:28,95$ // 30min:15,95$ 

Or pay a fee of consumption: 0,45€/min // 0,60$/min (Antilles & South Caribbean)