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Additional information


We recommend that you take out our cancellation and assistance insurances. You can book them up to 48 hours prior to departure date.

Cancellation insurance is nonrefundable and may be paid at the time you book it.


Excursions / spa / WiFi

Book your optional services through our website:


· For departures on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, the last day to book these services will be on Wednesday.

· For departures on the rest of the days, optional services may be booked up to 48 hours before departure, excluding departure date.

* After this period you may book these services on board depending on the availability.

* Excursions packages are not available on board.

Check out the latest offers and discounts available on +34 91 418 7008 or by e-mail


Check-in online

We give you the opportunity to check-in through our website from 30 to 5 days before your departure.


All passengers, including children and babies, must have their personal documentation in order, passport, visas and any other requirements demanded by migration authorities of the country or countries they are going to visit on the basis of their nationality.

Passengers, who do not have Spanish nationality, should make sure at their appropriate Embassy or Consulate that they have completed all the rules and requirements regarding visas before starting the journey.

All passengers must send their passports copy at least one week before departure.


Objects not allowed on board

Not allowed to board objects that generate heat or produce flames as irons, electric stoves, candles, incense or any other object that may cause a fire. The curling tongs and hair dryers are allowed.

There is not allowed to board weapons, explosives or any other object that represents a risk to people or property. Such items will be confiscated by security personnel boat and take appropriate action. Possession of items such as dive knives must be reported to ship personnel at the time of shipment. Such items are allowed on board, but will be guarded by security personnel of the boat when not in use on land.


* Please remember to take to the cruise a credit card or a cash deposit of 200€ per adult from which any purchase or extra service within the cruise will be deducted.

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department if you need further information on +34 91 418 7008 or by e-mail: