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We are looking for Pullmantur people

Pullmantur is made by people, all of the people that work in an exciting project, the aim of which is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers.

We offer you the chance to develop in a dynamic, leading company that is expanding rapidly. If you want to develop your professional career with us, send us your CV or register in the professional opportunity most suited to your interests and experience Pullmantur from inside.

Trabaja con nosotros - Pullmantur

You can choose between working in our central offices or as as a crew member on one of our cruise ships.

Working on-board

Working on-board ship is totally different from working on land. It is a significant change in lifestyle and a professional and personal challenge too. You may take a little while to get used to the new environment on-board, but with a flexible approach, an open mind, discipline, focus and professional enthusiasm, it will not take you long to become an essential part of our team and you will have the opportunity to develop an on-board career.

Working on-board - Pullmantur

Tendrás la oportunidad de hacer amigos de todas las partes del mundo, pero recuerda que las personas de diferentes culturas actúan de diferentes maneras, por tanto el respeto debe guiar las relaciones a bordo.

Minimum requirements

To be suitable for working on-board, you will need:

Prior experience and a level of languages in accordance with the specific requirements for the position you are going to work in.

A valid passport (for at least one year from the date of departure).

Minimum requirements - Pullmantur

STCW-95 (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) course certificate.

Possibility of obtaining a visa, depending on the port of departure.

Passing the medical examinations specified by Pullmantur.

Submitting to a criminal record check.

Seaman's book desirable.

Living conditions on-board.

Even though you will be working hard, there will be time for some fun and relaxation too! These are just some of the options open to our crew:

24-hour gym to help you to keep fit and achieve your personal training goals.

Living conditions on-board - Pullmantur

Exclusive bar for the crew, where you can spend time those who will become your on-board friends (not just companions).

Spaces and activities for the crew.



Possibility of obtaining a visa, depending on the port of departure.

Fun social activities on each ship, including different events for our crew, from parties to sports tournaments; activities designed to ensure that our employees enjoy life on-board.


On-board our ships, you will find people of more than 40 different nationalities, so you will have the chance to learn a new language, perfect a language that you already speak, make friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures from natives of those countries. Take advantage of all that cultural diversity!

Diversity - Pullmantur

Languages used on-board.

English is the official language on-board our ships, so all our employees must be able to read, write and speak English. Apart from that, for the positions in which you will be in direct contact with the passengers (for example, in the Bar, Restaurant, Accommodation and Reception) and depending on the route of the ships, the crew will also be required to be fluent in Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Languages used on-board - Pullmantur

Other languages are always welcome on-board, but the four languages mentioned above are the most important ones for our company.


Depending on your position on-board, you may have to share your cabin with two or even three crew members. The cabins are not very big, so working and living together closely with your companions requires some adjustments.

Accommodation - Pullmantur

Keeping in touch

To contact family and friends, you will be able to make telephone calls and connect to the Internet using telephone and Internet cards. You can also use the public telephones and payphone centres available at the majority of the ports where the ship docks, which is usually the least expensive option.

Keeping in touch - Pullmantur

The use of mobile phones is permitted on-board; although in many cases the mobile phone companies apply the corresponding international rates. You should verify the rates with the mobile phone company before using your mobile on-board.

Working Conditions

When you start working on-board one of our ships, you will sign an international contract, the duration of which depends on the post. For Officer positions in the Hotel area, the duration is usually four months; for all other positions, the contracts usually have a term of between six and eight months. After the contract ends, all crew will have approximately two months of holidays.

Working Conditions - Pullmantur

Our ships have a capacity for more than 1,500 passengers and on-board operations work 24-hours a day. You are going to have a long working day (approximately 11 hours a day) seven days a week. Free time is limited, even when the boat is docked in port. Despite this, you will have the opportunity to explore different destinations and enjoy yourself on board, but working hard every day! Teamwork is the key to success.

We will pay your wages in US dollars, once a month. The company does not pay Social Security contributions for employees that work on-board, so each crew member will have to pay them individually. Wages may be paid via bank transfer in the country of origin or in cash on-board, as each person chooses.


In order to ensure that each crew member is familiar with the safety procedures, you will take part in important training sessions and emergency simulations that are performed every week during the term of the contract.

Regulations - Pullmantur

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol

Smoking is permitted in the areas defined on board and only when crew members are on a break. We have zero tolerance of the consumption or possession of illegal substances. Crew members may consume alcohol, but responsibly. In order to ensure safety, drugs and alcohol tests may be performed at random.

Future Trips

Give the best of yourself from the first day of the contract until the last because your performance will be carefully assessed by your supervisors. If you do an excellent job on-board, when the time comes to disembark, you will receive a document confirming your next contract with Pullmantur.

Future Trips - Pullmantur

Once you have this document, you can relax and organise your free time during your holiday and prepare for your next trip in plenty of time! Knowing that we already have an on-board position reserved especially for you in your next contract!

Pullmantur has a network of recruitment agencies to achieve its recruiting goals around the world. The recruitment agencies are external providers; they are not employees of our company. They are responsible for searching for, making an initial selection of and introducing qualified candidates for final approval by our team recruiter. The recruitment agent does not have authority or decision-making power to confirm whether approved candidates will embark. They act according to the instructions of our recruiters or Human Resources staff responsible for the embarkations.

Send us your CV.

Recruitment Process

We are waiting for your CV! You can send it in Spanish, not forgetting to tick the "on-board positions" box when you register. Don't forget that the more relevant details you include in your CV the better as the recruiters will be able to identify the most suitable opportunity for you more easily.

Send us your CV - Pullmantur

The interview process

Each CV is carefully analysed and if you meet the requirements for any particular post, a Pullmantur representative will contact you for an initial assessment. The initial conversation may be in person, through the recruitment agency or perhaps by telephone or on Skype directly with one of our recruiters. Depending on the position, there may be other recruitment phases with another person on the Pullmantur Human Resources team and/or one of the Operations Supervisors.

Interview - Pullmantur

¡Esperamos verte a bordo pronto!

Si eres aprobado, y decides embarcar en esta excitante nueva experiencia, habrá varios detalles que considerar a la hora de preparar tu primer embarque. Nosotros y nuestros agentes de contratación te ayudaremos con todos los detalles que necesites para prepararte para embarcar.