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The Factory - Pullmantur

The Factory: a space where you can really enjoy yourself

If you are aged between 12 and 17, you will never know what it is to be bored in The Factory on a Pullmantur Cruise. This new idea for teenagers was created as a real and virtual space where you are free to decide how you want to create your own fun. We offer you the best tools to ensure that you can actively participate in all of the programmed plans on the ship.

The Factory is much more than the usual leisure area where you can only do the usual activities that are set up for teenagers. It is an open, free space where you can meet up with other young people with shared hobbies and interests, with the idea of creating a fun community as you choose what to do and how to have fun with the group during certain times of day.

Don’t waste your time and start to live the experience of a dual physical and virtual reality! This fully equipped part of the ship is open for at least six hours a day and sometimes eight, when we are sailing during the day. When night comes, you can remain in contact with each other through the different virtual alternatives, such as challenges in the Kahoot application and online communication groups.

Different zones for your activities

Music Factory - Pullmantur


A lively space with instruments, a DJ mixing desk and group activities for you to display your musical abilities.

  • Karaoke
  • Just Dance
  • Furor
  • Choreographies and dance routines
  • Disco & Parties
Art Factory - Pullmantur


A place for creativity where you can show your artistic talent with dynamic ideas full of colour and originality.

  • 3D design workshop
  • Graffiti workshop
Sports Factory - Pullmantur


A complete area for playing where you can compete and practice different sports inside the ship.

  • Ping-Pong
  • Table football
  • Exercise bikes
  • Darts
Siesta Factory - Pullmantur


A chill-out area where you can hang out, relax and disconnect all by yourselves.

  • Films
  • TV Series
Play Factory - Pullmantur


Your favourite part of the ship where there are consoles, iPads, TV and a number of group challenges to have a great time.

  • Board games
  • PlayStation
  • Pullmantur Minute
  • Gymkhanas
  • Danger at work

We take care of the plans... You make your own fun

If you are aged between 12 and 17, on arriving at your cabin you will find a coloured bangle to tell you which team you are in, and a membership form to fill in to be able to take part in The Factory programme. This zone, however, is always subject to the rules of Free Space, which means that any membership of the group is totally free, voluntary and not monitored in any way.

A unique opportunity to make the most of your time to have fun on the ship! If you prefer, you can choose to have Free Space time in The Factory, using the space and the specific activity that you want to do, without the need to arrive at any common agreement or pact between those taking part. This means you can have an hour in our facilities each day to freely make your own plans for enjoying yourself.

"An open, free space for the younger passengers"

On the other hand, you can make use of the do-it-yourself time in this space, when you can take advantage of our co-workers in the space to set up different activities, with a brief explanation of each one and choosing the one you want to do by a show of hands. This is a great way that combines decision making and group dynamics in a zone set aside for teenagers.

Specific parts of the ship

Other activities for young people

Selfie marathon - Pullmantur

Selfie marathon

An original photographic gymkhana with a range of tests and challenges for you to overcome using your mobile phone.

Virtual auction - Pullmantur

Virtual auction

Date to take part in an auction where money is no object, but where everything depends on the likes your posts receive.

Virtual Reality Games - Pullmantur

Virtual Reality Games

High emotion and digital reality with goggles, helmets and sensors to immerse you in virtual environments.

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