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Information of Venezuela

Meet Venezuela is an opportunity that Pullmantur Cruises offers us and we can not lose. Venezuela is, above all, synonymous with biodiversity.

We will find an exceptional country with exceptional people by nature open and willing to teach and share their story with visitors. Its population is mostly mestizo between Europeans and native Africans. This wealth multiracial intensified after 1940 when thousands of Spanish immigrants (especially canaries and Basque), Portuguese and Italians tried a new life in these fertile lands of Venezuela.

The country has a variety of natural beauties presented in beautiful settings. You can enjoy the wonders of their coastline with beautiful beaches and tourist facilities, stunning mountain scenery, lush jungles, warm plains and rivers full of life for those who let go and soak up the magic of Venezuela.

The archipelago of Los Roques, the Venezuelan Andes Canaima National Park, Isla Margarita and La Gran Sabana are just some of the beauty that gives us this lush country. Find out with our Caribbean Cruises.


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For its geographical location the climate of Venezuela is nearly equatorial. This means it is warm throughout the year, although the altitude and location relative to sea level rise to variations by region. In warm areas, below 800m, the average temperature is 30 ° C.



The bolivar.


Time Zone

GMT – 4



Some memories to take from Venezuela are: leather goods, ceramics, handmade shoes, colorful rugs, paintings naive, tapestries peasants, popular Venezuelan music, dark rum and coffee quality.



Food in Venezuela clearly has indigenous roots and European influences. The most commonly used products are maize, cassava (tubers in general) and sugar cane. Some of the most typical dishes are the Creole flag, arepas, empanadas corn flour or boiled chicken. Among the desserts highlight the majarete, the tequiche, cake Bejarano and sweets in syrup.