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United Kingdom Cruises - Pullmantur

United Kingdom Cruises

The traditional charm of the big citie

Have you ever dreamed of discovering why the UK is established as one of the most important countries of Western Europe? Now you have the opportunity to find the answers and enjoy all the art and history that this country can bring through the Pullmantur.

When talking about the UK, the first thing that will come to mind for most people is the city of London. However, there is much more to know, given that ahead of us are also other countries such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Once you arrive here with your Pullmantur cruise you can enjoy the taste of all their experiences.

Our main ports of embarkation in United Kingdom

Discovering the great attractions of London

London is undoubtedly one of the main tourist destinations in the world. The English city hosts some of the most famous and photographed monuments. You will have the opportunity to attend, for example, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, or enjoy the stunning beauty of Westminster Abbey and the Palace as well as the Houses of Parliament, with the iconic Big Ben at their side.


A walk around London involves passing through one of the most multicultural settings in the world. Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, the markets of Covent Garden and Camden Town, Portobello, Hyde Park. You will have many inducements to discover the charm of one of the most eccentric and fascinating capitals in Europe.


And that's without mentioning its museums, the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Modern, Tate Britain ... each and every one of them a surprise for the traveler with their spectacular collections. They have brought together much of the history of art and humanity, so to enter their universes is an adventure.


At the foot of the white cliffs of Dover


One of the major cruise destinations in the UK is Dover. The city of the white cliffs has always aroused a tremendous admiration among tourists. Located in the idyllic county of Kent, all around you can enjoy the pleasant coastal scenery, beautiful buildings, magnificent churches and historic houses.


But what is really impressive is to see these white cliffs from a ship. They extend east and west from the port of Dover and reach their highest point at 106 meters. It is possibly one of the most photographed panoramic views in the UK. From the ship you'll be totally entranced.


Each year thousands and thousands of tourists cross the English Channel to reach Dover. So much so that the ferry terminal is considered one of the most active in the world. You'll love the cultural offerings of Dover, the historic sites enclosing the city center, the small traditional villages of the English county of Kent and the nightlife of the city.


Indeed, the coast of Kent county enjoys a lot of important tourist activity. Maybe you're not used to the cold waters of the Atlantic in this area. Well you can enrich your stay with a visit and tour around the fishing villages and countryside of the area. It will be the best way to bring home a lasting memory of the UK.


Through the numerous trips of the UK we offer at Pullmantur you will be able to discover the special idiosyncrasies of this nation. Cities such as York, Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, etc ... all are most definitely places that offer their own particular charm. A different way of life that will be very interesting to discover.

Do not wait for your traveling friends to continue to tell you about the excellence of the UK. Come and enjoy the opportunity to discover this destination for yourself. Although it is well known, it still has many secrets and treasures to be discovered. We can assure you that will take away an unforgettable memory of this fascinating journey.

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