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Experience the passion of the East

Do you want to experience the real passion of the East? With Pullmantur you will have the opportunity to experience the amazing Turkey, an exciting meeting point between old Europe and Asia, between East and West. A country where history is very present wherever you put your feet.


The geographical location makes Turkey an indispensable country in international relations. Moreover, its large size allows it to have a great natural diversity and gives it a border with many countries. This has provided a great cultural landscape thanks to their many influences throughout history.

As an embryo of the old Ottoman Empire, Turkey's history is replete with historical facts that you can discover when your Pullmantur cruise reaches its borders.

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The exquisite and great cultural richness of Turkey

One of the most important tourist centers you can see in Turkey is the great and enigmatic city of Istanbul, formerly Constantinople. Today it is the economic and cultural capital of the country.


Among its monuments and traffic spaces is the Grand Bazaar. One of the largest in the world at nearly 4,000 stores, it is presented as the ideal place to buy souvenirs and gifts in the form of jewelry, carpets and silverware.


Istanbul is a city that also boasts an impressive religious artistic heritage. Its greatest exponent, the church of Hagia Sophia, is an imposing construction that was begun in 360 and reflects the passage of history through Istanbul better than any other building. It was Orthodox, Catholic, a cathedral and a mosque, and today it functions as a museum. Topped by an impressive dome and several minarets, its luxurious interior will intoxicate your senses.


In a predominantly Muslim country such as Turkey, the presence of mosques is very large. Among the most important is the Blue Mosque. In front of the Hagia Sophia, it owes its name to its interior which is filled with blue mosaics. These provide a perfect contrast to the rest of the surroundings.


Turkey remains a deep source of history thanks to its wealth of archaeological remains such as the famous Teatro city of Ephesus.


Discover the natural wonders that await you in Turkey


Within the city of Istanbul you can admire the beauty of the Bosphorus that splits the city in two and is the physical separation between Asia and Europe. And thanks to the excursions Pullmantur offers, you can marvel at fantastic views from one of its bridges,


Culture and the bustle of cities is not the only highlight of Turkey. Although less known than those of other countries, the richness and variety of beaches you can find in Turkey is almost unbelievable and you must know about them.


The first place waiting for you is the unforgettable Oludeniz beach. Located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, you can enjoy a hugely memorable experience here. Bathe in its turquoise waters that connect to the Blue Lagoon, a natural environment where you can enjoy the sights of the vegetation and views of mountainous areas which are very characteristic of Turkey.


Another place with a special charm is the castle of Alanya. Built in the XIII century with preserved remains of Byzantine and Roman times, this fortress dominates the town and has unrivaled views over the coast. Its interior museum is surrounded by walls through which you can get to know the history of Alanya better.

Do not hesitate to embark on a cruise that takes you to Turkey. It is a country that will teach you all about unfamiliar places which are full of charm and beauty. This is a trip you will not forget.

Featured Turkey cruises