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Panama Cruises

Discovering the greatest beauty of the Caribbean

Located south of Central America, Panama has always been a meeting point of cultures from around the world. A place where they say the sun is always shining. It also has historical corners, a surprising nature and wonderful beaches. All this you will discover when you come aboard the Pullmantur Antilles and South Caribbean cruise.


Known worldwide for its famous canal, Panama is a special destination for all kinds of tourism. It has sun, paradisiacal beaches, mountains, beautiful islands, great colonial cities, small traditional villages ... Arriving with your Pullmantur cruise you will be surprised at the many possibilities ahead of you.

Our main ports of embarkation in Panama

The greatest biodiversity throughout the Eastern Pacific

Panama is the country that connects North America with the South. A place that boasts the greatest biodiversity throughout the Eastern Pacific. Not surprisingly, the ocean that bathes its shores has up to 80 different species of coral, 40 percent more than any other region from Mexico to Ecuador. This makes it a paradise for scuba divers.


In addition, the fauna and flora are two inseparable elements of the scenic beauty of Panama. The whole country is dotted with forests of various natural species of flora and where a lot of animals live. Also, in the Atlantic waters, you can see hawksbill and crabs, while in the Pacific there are other species like dolphins, barracuda and sailfish.


In recent years, tourism has grown considerably in Panama. More and more people are discovering the suggestive warmth of its beaches, the cosmopolitan and colonial nature of the capital Panama City, the diversity of cultures of its people, the beautiful coast and the Caribbean charm of some of its most popular tourist spots. Among the latter, Columbus should be especially noted.


More than a thousand reasons to visit Panama


The city of Columbus is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama. This whole province is a paradise for lovers of great beaches and holiday resorts. However, what it is really known for is the Free Zone, the world's largest shopping centre.


In addition, Columbus also has the largest port system in Latin America, although some places have become true icons of tourism. Among them are Grande island, Nombre de Dios Beach, Cayo Tortuga, Portobelo and Sierra Llorona. It's not for nothing that Columbus and its whole province is one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean.


The old part of the capital is just one reason to visit Panama. It was built in 1673 after the 1671 fire that burned the city down. This was started by pirate Henry Morgan who sacked the city. Losing yourself in its narrow streets in search of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the vaults and the Presidency of the Republic is one of its great attractions.


Panama is most famous for its Panama Canal which is a marvel of engineering of the twentieth century. Opened in 1914 by the United States, it is impossible not to be astonished at the transit of the largest ships you have ever seen. And the best place for whalewatching is the Miraflores locks in the visitors' center.


There are many Pullmantur trips you can go on in Panama. Do not miss any of them as you soak up the Caribbean and colonial charm of a country that takes center stage looking out to sea. Panama is aware of the beauty of its landscapes and is not ashamed at any time to show it to its visitors.

History, the Caribbean flavor, tourism, paradisiacal beaches and the wonderful biodiversity of this special country wait for you to come and admire a destination that will highly impress. The intense colors and cultural magnetism of Panama are very likely to remain in your memory. A country that seduces and fascinates all tourists alike.

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