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With Pullmantur travel to Oman, the kingdom of incense

At the southeastern end of the Arabian peninsula lies Oman, one of the most developed countries in the Middle East and a prominent destination for this Pullmantur cruise. How this Asian country got its name is not clear, but it is believed that it comes from the Arabic words aamen or amoun, which mean sedentary town. There is another theory that suggests Oman was named after a valley in Yemen of the same name and from where the founders of the country originated.

The history of Oman as a distinct territory from the rest of the Persian Empire begins in the year 751. From then until 1971 it passed through different hands: Portuguese, Spanish, Ottoman and British. In spite of all these influences, as it's an Arab country, most of the monuments of Oman present a clear influence of the traditional Muslim architecture. They are distributed throughout its area of more than 300,000 square kilometers.

As well as being a cultural destination, Oman stands out for its exotic natural sites. The beaches on the Arabian Sea (a part of the Indian Ocean), the deserts, the caves and the mountains are just some examples of everything that Oman's landscapes have to offer. In addition to sights and monuments, tourism in Oman will lead you to discover the typical gastronomy of the place, considered among the most important in the Arab world.

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Muscat, a must for trips to Oman

Unlike other prosperous Arab countries which are filled with skyscrapers, the most surprising thing about the towns and cities of Oman is the total absence of tall buildings on their horizons. Instead they are simply filled with the minarets and domes of mosques. Muscat, the capital, is a particularly prominent example.

Regarding all you have to see in Muscat, some of its most important monuments are mosques, namely the Great Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, Mohammed Al Ameen and the Asma Mosque. The Portuguese footprint is evident in the neighborhoods of Mutrah and Old Muscat in general, and in particular, in attractions such as the wall, Fort Al Jalali and different watchtowers.

Next to the sea you will find the Corniche, the unique seafront of Muscat from where you can contemplate outstanding panoramic views of the city skyline. This avenue will take you to Al-Riyam Park and the souk where haggling, also unlike other Arab countries, has practically disappeared.

The mountains and beaches of Oman, two landscapes of the Arabian Desert

In addition to Muscat, another key piece of tourism in Oman is the Wahiba Desert, also known as Wahiba Sands. This place has dunes of up to 150 meters high and is dotted with oases, such as that of Bidiyah.

Other major aspects of trips to Oman are its beaches, specifically those of the cities of Muscat and Salalah which are considered to be the best beaches on the Arabian peninsula. Of all that Muscat has to offer you have the beaches of Qantab, Qurum, Pebble and the Al Sifah. Regarding the beaches of Salalah, the most famous are Al Mughsail and Al Fizayah. Traveling to Oman is also synonymous with visiting the original cave hidden in the mountainous area of the Selma Plateau, Majlis Al Jinn, the ninth largest in the world.

In addition to touring the different landscapes of Oman and its most outstanding monuments, another key piece of this Pullmantur destination is the gastronomy. A staple in the Omani diet is rice accompanied by vegetables, fish, chicken or veal. Due to its location and history, the culture of Oman comes from a mixture of the different peoples to have settled in its territory. For this reason, the gastronomy of Oman presents great influences from Lebanese, Yemeni and Turkish cuisine. The most abundant fruit is the date and the most famous dessert, the Halwa.


Featured Oman cruises