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Norway Cruises

The Cradle of the most beautiful fjords in the world

Norway is synonymous with democracy, a high quality of life and, above all, nature. The country goes far beyond Oslo, its beautiful capital. If you decide to travel to discover Norway it's essential you have a look at each of her localities, since there are so many secrets to discover. The Fjords of the North cruise offer you the chance to discover the spectacular Fjords, some of the most important tourist attractions on the planet.

Norway is integrated in the so-called Scandinavian peninsula which consists of Sweden, Finland, part of Russia and of course Norway itself. Because of its natural location, this country has some of the most important ports in northern Europe, among which are several like Bergen or Flåm. If you decide to delve into the fjords from your Pullmantur cruise you can admire the great maritime tradition of this great nation.

Our main ports of embarkation in Norway

Bergen, discover the gateway to the fjords of Norway

If you're captivated by fjords, then you will be impressed by Bergen. From the pier of the town itself you can travel to Hardangerfjord, one of the most impressive fjords of Norway which you simply have to see because of its beauty. During the ferry ride to your destination you will have the opportunity to behold a supernatural landscape.


You can see such wonderful places as the Folgenfonna glacier, located in the village of Oystese, or the impressive Steinsdal waterfall. And you will also have to see other natural enclaves such as Mount Kvamskogen or Oster island. You will have a unique experience!


Or would you prefer to get to know the city better? Come on a fantastic ride that will take you to the old town. There you will find the medieval fortress of Bergenhus, one of the best preserved in all of Norway, the famous Rosenkranz tower, and even the old commercial buildings of Bryggen which are considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the city you should ascend Monte Floyen which you can do on a charming funicular which is a kind of cable car on a slope. From the top you can see the wonderful region of Bergen.


Flåm: Travel on the most famous train in Norway


If the town of Flåm is known for one thing, it is for its fantastic train. Despite being a small town of just 350 inhabitants, every year thousands of people flock to this charming place to take their seat on the famous train journey which starts in the village.


Lonely Planet Traveller considers it the best train journey in the world, while in the opinion of National Geographic Traveler, it's one of the ten best in Europe. Therefore, it should very much be seen as a mandatory visit which you can enjoy thanks to the plans offered by Pullmantur.


During the trip, which begins in Flåm, you will discover the most breathtaking scenery of the Fjords in 45 minutes. The train will take you to beautiful places like the town of Voos, a municipality of great tourist tradition, and other places like Stalheim and Gudvagen.


After completing this amazing journey you will also discover the Naeroy Valley with the river of the same name and enjoy spectacular views from the mountain of Stalheim. And Do not miss the opportunity to travel on the Stalheimskleivane, the steepest road Norway, or to visit the charming village of Undredal. You'll be starstruck!

Norway is therefore a country which combines modernity, as demonstrated in the capital Oslo, with nature, and with ports such as Bergen or Flåm. It is a country you will want to return to again and again to discover every corner. From the wilderness to the latest technological advances. Norway has everything you are looking for.

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