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Morocco cruises - Pullmantur

Morocco cruises

Morocco, an authentic aromatic and exotic delight

Morocco, one of the most beautiful jewels of northern Africa, offers a world of possibilities from the moment you decide to venture into its streets and most prominent corners. Its citizens are rightly proud of their centuries of culture and have made great efforts to preserve their roots and identity, as well as their local customs.

Because of its proximity to Spain, it is one of the most highly rated tourist options, especially for those who want to get to know and soak up its most characteristic features which set it apart from Iberian culture.

Undoubtedly, this is a country that offers a myriad of experiences that seem to have been frozen in time, as if the passing years had not caused any effect on them. The characteristic and fun freight donkey, calls to prayer of its inhabitants, and even being able to pass through the famous souks where selling all kinds of craft items is done, and be able to taste the typical Moroccan food in the numerous dining options are just some of the plans that offers this wonderful country.

Our main ports of embarkation in Morocco

Agadir and Casablanca, two of the most interesting enclaves in Morocco

Morocco is a country characterized by its geographic diversity, offering you the chance to see landscapes and varied environments, ranging from the more rural areas to the mountains and desert. Therefore, the best season to visit Morocco is spring. These the months of the year when temperatures are more stable and there is usually no chance of rain.

Pullmantur offers you the opportunity to get to know the Moroccan city of Agadir if you choose the Canary Islands cruise. This area of coast is one of the most requested of our itineraries, as it draws attention to other destinations for their beauty, blend of cultures and for its wide range of leisure activities. Agadir is a modern and cosmopolitan city which has a large urban development, giving it some European style and flair.

In addition, with the Andalusia and the Canary Islands cruise, you can also visit the Moroccan city of Casablanca. A place with great exotic and colonial flavor that has been immortalized many times on the big screen of cinema. Notably, Humphrey Bogart said during the filming of the hit movie Casablanca that he had been totally in love with this beautiful city.

Discover the Moroccan plans we have prepared for you

As in any of our destinations around the world, in Agadir you can enjoy many activities for you and your whole family. Also, if you wish, these plans are ideal for you to enjoy in the company of your friends. Among the various excursions Pullmantur has organized, there is a possibility that you can get to know the ancient city of Taroudant or the curious citrus grove of Valley Sous, and even enjoy the best beaches in Agadir, while you can relax in a comfortable resort with all mod cons.

Also, you can delve into the heart of Casablanca and discover the mosque of Hassan II or all the secrets of the ancient city of Rabat, making a tour through its history. And if you are a lover of gastronomy, we offer the possibility to enjoy a hearty lunch with the flavors of Casablanca or participate in a wine tasting in Benslimane.

Without doubt Morocco is an original destination that will give you a great deal of authenticity, hospitality, relaxation, adventure and culture. Do not hesitate to let yourself be seduced by this African country which presents itself as the perfect starting point to begin exploring this great continent. It delights all your senses and lets your mind be stimulated immediately.

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