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Montenegro Cruises

Discover the secrets of the fantastic pearl of the Adriatic

Are you one of those people who loves to discover towns and villages that seem to be taken from a story? Do you want to enjoy dreamlike images? Then you'll love Montenegro. If you want to visit this fantastic country, Rondo Veneziano  cruise will help you to get there. You will be delighted by its fantastic culture and history.


Despite being a small territory, disembarking from your Pullmantur Cruise you will notice the special atmosphere that permeates this country, recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkans. When you arrive at the coastal town of Kotor, home of the main port of this country, it is important that you take yourself up the spectacular Mount Lovcen from where you can enjoy the beautiful bay of the region.

But Montenegro is much more than Kotor. Cities like Njegusi, Cetinje or Buvda will help you understand the culture and history of this country through their cuisine and natural surroundings. If you go into Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro, you can encounter the old Montenegro through its medieval streets.

Our main ports of embarkation in Montenegro

If you opt for Budva, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. And if you like photography, this town is a perfect place to get some stunning shots with which you will be the envy of other photographers. Walk through its narrow streets and fall in love with their houses with their red roofs that merge with the blue sea and green mountains to create an explosion of colors that will fascinate you.


Kotor, Montenegro's Coastal Pearl


Montenegro cannot be understood today without Kotor. It is the main port of the country and receives thousands of tourists every year.


Thanks to its beauty and medieval character, UNESCO decided to turn this region into one of its World Heritage cities. Through its narrow stone alleys you will have the opportunity to get to know all of its sites and its most representative monuments. Among them, the stand-out features are the churches of St. Mary and St. Joseph, the Pima Palace and the Cathedral of St. Tryphon.


And do not miss the fantastic fortress of San Juan, located on the mountain with the same name. There you can visit the famous castle of the town and the church of Our Lady of Health. When you reach the top you will enjoy a panoramic dream from which you can admire the beautiful town of Kotor.


Bar, the great surprise destination on trips to Montenegro


The city of Bar is a jewel on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, specifically on the southern coast of Montenegro. Our Pullmantur cruise takes you to the two main tourist areas in Bar, the harbour and the Stari Bar, the historic area.


In the vicinity of Bar one finds the most outstanding examples of Montenegro's famous landscapes, including Skadar Lake National Park (some 50 kilometres away, at the other end of the country) and the unique beaches of the Adriatic, including Sutomorska or Maljevik.

About 70 kilometres north of Bar one can visit Perast, the town with the best Baroque architecture in Montenegro. Located in the bay of Kotor, it boasts attractions like the Church of St. George, Our Lady of the Rocks and the Benedictine Monastery of St. George.

The last two are located on the two islands that lie in front of Perast. In short, Montenegro is one of the most monumental countries of the Adriatic and, therefore, certainly one you won't want to miss on this Pullmantur cruise.

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