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Malta Cruises

Where history and nature come together to create a unique island

Despite having an area of ​​only 316 square kilometers, the island of Malta is one of Europe's most hidden secrets. From pristine paradisiacal beaches to amazing natural parks to fortified cities full of history like La Valeta and Mdina.

After disembarking from your Pullmantur cruise in the port of Valletta, the capital of Malta, you'll have the opportunity to discover a fantastic fortified city full of secrets waiting to be discovered by you. What are you waiting for? Come and head for this splendid destination?

Our main ports of embarkation in Malta

Discover Valletta, the fortified city of Malta

Malta cannot be understood without its capital, Valetta. This fortified region, one of the oldest in the world. Despite curiously being only one kilometer long and one kilometer wide, it has the honor of being  UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you've decided to visit Valletta, you have to see the fantastic upper gardens of the city. From here you can catch a breathtaking panoramic view from its two ports to the most characteristic monuments of the Maltese capital. Once you've achieved this, it will be time to explore the city in depth.


Stroll through the beautiful baroque Cathedral of San Juan, one of the main attractions of the city, or visit the Casa Rocca Piccola, where you can discover what the old Maltese nobility was like. There, you will find a wide collection of furniture and paintings that will help you understand the society that lived in this area in previous centuries.


Maybe you'd prefer a visit the city of Mdina, the old capital of the island. We invite you to come and stroll round its historic streets and discover the nature of this beautiful region.


Malta through its nature


In addition to its capital Valletta, Malta stands out for its beautiful natural environment, one of the highlights of the Mediterranean Sea. Do you like nature? Then thanks to the excursions that Pullmantur offers, you will have a great time.


Among all the natural beauty that this state provides, one feature stands out above all the others - the fascinating Blue Grotto. This series of sea caves, located near the village of Zurrieq, is one of the destinations most sought after by tourists who choose to discover Malta for their holiday.


Once there, you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets behind the ancient stone quarry Siggiewi. And you will be able to learn the methods and construction techniques that were used inside.


Malta is also famous for its Bay Dorada - Golden Bay. If beaches are your thing and you want to enjoy a nice relaxing day, you can get just that in Golden Bay. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island, so a visit to it is almost mandatory.


And if you like sport and want to get to know Malta, you'll have the opportunity to cross it with a fun hiking trail. In addition to the main monuments of the city, you will also discover the wonderful landscapes that await you with a guide who will accompany you during your adventure.


Conversely, if you are a true lover of animals, you have to see the National Aquarium. In the town of Qawra, it has 26 tanks full of various marine species from the Mediterranean Sea and numerous historical artifacts retrieved from the depths of the Maltese waters.


Malta is therefore a country that combines history and nature to create a perfect enclave where you can enjoy both magnificent beaches and the streets of its oldest regions. If you decide to travel to this country, you will be very happy with your choice.

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