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Get closer to Jordan, the country of a thousand wonders

If you want to get to know one of the most charming places in the Middle East, there is no better way to do so than to travel to Jordan with this Pullmantur cruise. This amazing country derives its name from the biblical River Jordan, which is also the western border of the country.

Throughout the history of this Asian state, many peoples such as the Egyptians, Persians, Romans and Muslims have settled in its territory and left an important mark on the customs and monuments of Jordan. In particular, the Muslims are responsible for the majority religious denomination of the country being Islam. The resulting cultural essence has stood the test of time and has made Jordan not only one of the most developed countries in the region, but also one of the most sought after destinations of the Middle East.

In addition, the strategic location of Jordan has resulted in this territory being full of a great variety and quantity of landscapes. Of all of them, besides the Dead Sea and its surroundings, we have the Eastern Mediterranean Forest, which also extends through Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon, the Dana Biosphere Reserve, the Wadi Mujib Gorge and the Ajlun Forest Reserve.

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Tour Amman, the Jordanian city that combines art, culture and entertainment

To get the full picture of this place, all trips to Jordan must pass through its capital, Amman. Strolling through its streets means discovering the history of the country. As a few examples, when touring its old town you can see recognizable Greek and Roman remains such as the Greek Acropoli and the most important buildings of the Citadel - the Temple of Hercules and the huge Theater.

More modern attractions are the Umayyad Mosque and, outside of the Amman Citadel, the King Abdullah Mosque, built in the twentieth century but in the traditional Arabic architectural style. As for trade, like many Arab cities, Amman boasts a huge traditional market, the famous Gold Souk. The star product of its stalls is gold.

In addition to Amman, with this Pullmantur cruise you will also be able to get to know the nearby towns of Gerasa and Mádaba. The first of these, known as the Asian Pompeii, is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world. Of all that you have to see in Gerasa, highlights are the circus/ hippodrome and the temples of Zeus and Artemis. And in Mádaba, the capital of mosaics, you can admire how these ceramic works of art decorate the floors of several churches, the Archaeological Museum and some houses.

The Dead Sea and Petra, symbols of Jordan

Also in the vicinity of Amman you will find one of the most representative landscapes of Jordan, the Dead Sea and its beaches. Since ancient times, bathing in the Dead Sea has been considered good for health. Nowadays, among other benefits it is known that these waters ease dermatological conditions and improve the circulatory system.

More than 200 kilometers south of Amman you will find the treasure above everything you have to see in Jordan, Petra. The entire city was carved out of rock by the Nabataeans between the 8th century BC and 4AD. Declared a World Heritage Site, its incredible monuments include the Treasury of Petra which is the symbol of the city, and the Monastery.

When indulging in tourism of Jordan with this Pullmantur cruise, besides getting to know the history of the country with its unique Middle East landscapes and numerous monuments, you will also have the opportunity to taste the characteristic food of this region of the world. Of all the dishes that form the gastronomy of Jordan, the most important are the shish kebab - lamb and chicken, chopped and marinated with hot sauce, Mansaf  - lamb stew with rice and yogurt sauce, Maglouba, a type of meat or fish stew accompanied by rice, and Konafa, a cake of preserves and cheese.

Featured Jordan cruises