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Jamaica Cruises

Experience the Rastafarian paradise

Pullmantur takes you to one of the most magical and unique countries in the world. On landing in Jamaica, home of athlete Usain Bolt, your mind will be swept away by the full of sensuality and love of the music of the local environment, together with the important mix of different cultures that intertwine among its population.


Jamaica is also the home of Bob Marley, the world icon of reggae and of the Rastafarian religion which conveys beauty, passion and love for life in all its forms. If you venture to get to know this country aboard your Pullmantur cruise, you will feel a special sense of happiness that will not be erased from your memory.

Besides music and its love of the party, Jamaica offers much more. A lifestyle where the most important thing is happiness and where some beautiful and exceptional beaches are lapped by the special Caribbean Sea. And there's the possibility of making cheap purchases thanks to its tax-free shops.

Our main ports of embarkation in Jamaica

The beaches of Jamaica: a different and relaxing way to enjoy bathing

If you want to enjoy the best beaches in the Caribbean, Jamaica is one of the best destinations. In this country you can appreciate the time your body is immersed in its waters and bask in some of the best beaches you will encounter in your life.


One of the most emblematic you will find is in Montego Bay. Called Doctor's Cave, it is named after its former owner, a well known doctor who lived there. Its white sand is spectacular and its turquoise waters are ideal in which to relax and let your imagination run for a while.


On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed and quiet environment in which to enjoy a dip, Long Bay Beach is perfect for you. Its shore is surrounded by palm trees and almost transparent waters. Along with the presence of shells in the sand, this will add to a wonderful day of bathing within a beach which is not often visited despite its beauty.


Another of the natural jewels that can be admired in Jamaica is Negril Beach, also known as Seven Mile Beach due to its length of almost 11 kilometers. This is a place to relax, marvel at its views and above all, get caught up in a wonderful long walk along its sandy shore.


Experience nature and the most exciting cities in Jamaica


Nature is one of the riches of Jamaica that will amaze you if you go on some of the excursions which Pullmantur has prepared to help you to get to know this exceptional country.


In the town of Ocho Rios you will discover a unique place located in the Dunn's River Falls. A place of wild beauty presided over by water flowing into the Caribbean from an incredible height, it guarantees you a day full of excitement.


The Caribbean provides one of the most prized natural wonders of Jamaica, known as Port Royal Cays. Opposite the town of Port Royal, just 400 meters away, this small group of uninhabited islands lies in the form of an atoll. It has wooded areas and spectacular coral yielding an idyllic image.

Cities are something else you cannot miss on your visit to Jamaica. A peerless jewel is the city of Montego Bay, as mentioned above. By population it’s the fourth largest in the country but it’s the real tourist capital. In addition to its incomparable beaches, here you will find the most festive environment of the area and a rich architectural heritage. It's a legacy of the colonial era and so provides an unmatched contrast.

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