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Italy cruises - Pullmantur

Italy cruises

The paradise of the best art at your fingertips

One of the most privileged destinations that can meet on your Azzura Pullmantur cruise is beautiful Italy, one of the cradles of civilization.


Virtually every corner of every city in this country is full of history. Its history as part of the Roman Empire is known by all, and it has a great power of attraction for all the visitors who spill out onto its streets.

Italy offers a complete tour of its exciting tradition where you can admire the richness of its monuments, its natural charm and delicious cuisine that will delight your senses to the fullest. It's a country not to be missed and a spectacular visit to remember. Your Pullmantur cruise offers you all this once you find yourself on board.

Our main ports of embarkation in Italy

Unparalleled art and culture in Italy

Among the monuments whose greatness you can admire in Rome, special highlights include the Trevi Fountain where you can throw in a coin and make a wish, the majestic Piazza Venezia or the magnitude of the Pantheon with its impressive facade and dome. Rome is not known as the eternal city by chance, and in this sense a walk through the Roman Colosseum quickly reminds you of the greatness of the gladiatorial battles.


Another of the magical places you can visit in Italy is the Vatican, a tiny country embedded in Rome where the Pope's residence is located. Be sure to see the monumental St. Peter's Basilica, while the Sistine Chapel with its works by Michelangelo will leave you open mouthed.


Italy reserves a very special visit for you. Venice, the ideal city for lovers, will give you that curious sensation of feeling special that only the legendary cities can evoke. A tour of the Piazza San Marco and its famous canals will make you feel the love even more closely.


One of the jewels of Italy that everyone should encounter is the city of Florence. Here you can breathe art at every corner you pass by and admire paintings and sculptures recognized worldwide such as the impressive Michelangelo's David. If you walk around the town, the views from the Ponte Vecchio will captivate you and the  classic style of the Basilica of San Lorenzo will allow you to appreciate the beauty of this city like no other.


Also, if you want to take away a pretty postcard picture of one of the most recognizable places in all of Italy, there is nothing better than touring the pretty city of Pisa with its famous leaning tower. A snapshot to remember would be one of you posing by the tower as if holding it up with one hand.


Beaches and natural monuments in Italy: Another way of feeling paradise


The attractions of Italy do not only reside in its major capitals which are full of life, culture and endless art. With Pullmantur's excursions you will come to know that without doubt, some of the best Mediterranean beaches are located in Italy.


In Sardinia you will find a paradise in the form of crystalline water and beaches and cliffs that run along virtually its entire coast. Here you will also find natural pearls like Rosa beach or Cala Mariolu.


Another type of beach with a unique savage beauty you can discover is on the island of Elba. Here you will pass completely unnoticed among wild beaches full of vegetation all around you. And the turquoise waters will leave you spellbound.

Finally, if you're looking for a different kind of view with which to get to know Italy, one of the most important natural monuments you can find is the imposing Mount Vesuvius which dominates the Bay of Naples. Or on the other hand, if you're a lover of history, we suggest a quick and complete trip to the past among the ruins of Pompeii. Here you will get a genuine feeling of how people lived in an ancient Roman city until it was buried by the massive eruption of the volcano.

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