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Tourism in the Holy Land: a unique experience in Israel

The State of Israel lies in the south-western corner of Asia, on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea and the northern coast of the Red sea. It has geographical land borders with countries such as the Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Despite being a relatively small country, it is organized in an unusual way. In this sense, the city of Tel Aviv is its financial and technological centre, while its seat of Government and its capital is Jerusalem, although today this designation has not been fully accepted.

Israel is one of the most important democratic parliamentary republics in the Middle East, and can claim relatively high life expectancy and quality of life. Despite being limited in size, it can still claim to harbour priceless natural diversity, including mountain ranges, deserts, coastlines, valleys and plains. Altogether, they make tourism one of the main sources of income for the country, along with archaeological sites, museums, nature reserves and religious sites.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this part of the world is the country’s gastronomy, which features a number of traditional dishes as well as dishes that are the result of Israeli Jewish fusion. To be precise, the different territories have given rise to cooking styles that are known as the Mizrahi, Sephardi and Ashkenazi styles. This means that it is very common today to find Israeli dishes such as falafel, hummus and couscous, and aubergines as the main vegetable of the East.

Our main ports of embarkation in Israel

Discover the tourist attractions of the main cities of Israel

Everyone knows that Israel is a country where history and religion form part of the landscape. It may well be one of the most spiritual parts of the world, which is why it is often called the Holy Land, being sacred to the three main monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. One of the best places to visit in Israel as a tourist is Tel Aviv, also known as the White City. Today it is one of the most modern cities in the country, with remarkable attractions such as the Bauhaus School.

Your visit to Israel should not fail to include a visit to Cesarea, a Roman city that was founded by the emperor Caesar Augustus, and its streets still seem to echo with the repercussions of some of the most important historical conflicts of this region. Its broad avenues are lined with all types of buildings, from Roman and Byzantine constructions to the solid architectural structures that date from the period of the crusades.

Any visit to Israel is certainly incomplete if it does not include the city of Jerusalem. The Holy City has an enormous number of monuments that stand out because of their remarkable artistic, historical or mystical qualities. In this sense, the three major religions that coexist in Israel are all represented in Jerusalem: the Western Wall for the Jews, the Holy Sepulchre and Cenacle for Christians and Temple Mount for Muslims.

Other cities in Israel that are worth getting to know

Israel has a lot more to offer besides its major cities and other attractions that are well known around the world. One alternative that you should include in your route around Israel is the city of Haifa, where there is the famous Mount Carmel, the place where the Bible says that the prophet Elijah defeated the priests of Baal. For many visitors, it is one of the most spiritual locations of the many that are distributed around the country of Israel.

Another place in Israel to take into account is Galilee, which has enormous significance for Christians as one of the most important settings for several passages in the Bible. This Pullmantur destination will allow you to spend time at some of the principal locations in the life of Jesus Christ, such as the Mount of Beatitudes, where he made the Sermon on the Mount, the little fishing village of Capernaum and Tabgh, where the miracle of multiplication of loaves and fishes took place.

Your visit to Israel can be based on several different routes, because the size of the country means that you can easily reach sites such as the sea of Galilee, where you can visit the towns of Tiberias and Cana, or the city of Nazareth, a vital place in the life of Jesus, which includes such important sites as Joseph’s carpenter’s shop, the Fountain of the Virgin and Mount Tabor. Finally, our route cannot miss a trip to Bethlehem, the place where Christ was born, or to the charming village of Ein Karem, which has an important role in the Holy Scriptures.

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