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Greece Cruises - Pullmantur

Greece Cruises

Experience the past and present of a jewel of the Mediterranean

There are some countries that, when you visit them, produce a particular sensation of being in one of the most important places in history. Greece is one of them, and the Pullmantur Greek Islands cruise invites you to get to know it in a very special trip.

It is regarded as the place where current Western civilization and democracy originated and is bathed by the Aegean, Mediterranean Sea, Ionian Seas. Composed of many islands, it has an extensive and varied coastline that invites you to enjoy its shores.

Greece is known for its glorious pas which is marked by the great influence of mythology and palaces and with monuments dedicated to their gods. When you disembark from your Pullmantur cruise will come into contact with many of them.

Our main ports of embarkation in Greece

Live the glorious past of Greece

Greece was once the center of the world and that is something that you can see when you meet her personally. While you are here you will enjoys its past which is full of power, wealth and beauty.

The architectural richness of Greece is stunning. Above all, thanks to its incredible beauty and also the fact that so much of it remains today, you can admire it all.

One of the most important monuments of Greece is its famous Acropolis. This symbol of Greece presides over the capital of Athens with its spectacular Parthenon, the best example of Greek art, constituting one of the city's most distinctive emblems. Other monuments worth admiring at the Acropolis are the famous Tower of the Winds and the Theater of Dionysus.

The weight of Greek history can also be felt with a visit to the Temple of Poseidon in Athens. Situated on a hill, it offers excellent views that will transport you to the past.

Another magical place that Greece puts at your fingertips is the Oracle of Delphi. Located on Mount Parnassus and near the Gulf of Corinth, it has a surprising palace dedicated to the god Apollo. This was where the Greeks came to discover about their future issues.

Meet and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature of Greece

If the cultural richness of Greece is immense, its natural beauty is no less so. With Pullmantur excursions you can also discover the dream of its beaches and islands.

In Greece you can lose yourself in many of its islands and feel the indescribable feeling of a pleasant swim in their crystal clear waters. Islands like Mykonos, or Santorini, with its beautiful capital Thira, are waiting for you to dive into their waters. Or you can savor a delicious stroll through their narrow streets full of vibrancy and nightlife.

However, it's not only in the beaches that the natural beauty of Greece is concentrated. On Mount Olympus you will discover an amazing nature reserve located on the highest point in all of Greece - almost 3,000 meters high.

Another essential place in Greece is the island of Crete. The feeling here is deeply rooted in mythology. With more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline you can discover wonderful beaches. You can also delight in monuments like the cathedral of Chania or the Palace of Knossos, an outstanding archaeological site currently under reconstruction, which is one of the most important in all of Greece.

The island of Hydra is another wonder that you can experience in Greece. It has a mountainous landscape and beaches where you can lose track of time. Also, its proximity to Athens makes it an important point of attraction for visitors. Here you can step back into another era thanks to the low number of vehicles on its steep and narrow streets while donkeys and aquatic taxis are the main means of transport.

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