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Germany Cruises - Pullmantur

Germany Cruises

A country where you can travel back in time

Germany is a country that offers a lot of interesting cities to visit. History, art and culture await you in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. From the capital Berlin to the romanticism of the Rhine Valley, passing through the historic Rostock and Lubeck, the Fjords North cruise of Pullmantur takes you on a discovery of breathtaking scenery.


History has been a fundamental part of life in Germany. Given its geographical location, it has witnessed many events that have left an indelible mark in the form of great monuments. Once you get there on your Pullmantur cruise you will realize the enormous transitions that Germany has gone through.

Our main ports of embarkation in Germany

Travelling through time with Germany

Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam, Dresden, Munich, Weimar and Cologne have been characters in this unique history. They have all served to populate Germany with a confluence of very special styles. Palaces, churches and castles are widespread throughout its territory to give a huge feeling of sumptuousness.  

But if there is a place where history has a special magnetism, that is Lubeck. The Hanseatic city in northern Germany has an old town which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987. You will be impressed by the gothic style Holsten Gate, a true symbol of the ancient power of this city.


The capital of the Hanseatic League for several centuries, nowadays it is known as the city of the seven towers or the door of northern Europe. To delve into the maze of narrow streets of its historic center is to get lost in the medieval fabric of the old Germany, discovering buildings like the Hospital of the Holy Spirit or the Church of Santa Maria, the third largest in Germany.


Close to Lubeck is Rostock on the Baltic coast. Another one of those cities that has a unique history to be appreciated. Here, the first university in northern Europe was founded in 1419. The tour of the historic center is one of the most interesting Pullmantur excursions you can go on in Germany.


There, among other buildings, you will see the Church of Santa Maria, the most imposing of the city, Puerta Kropeliner of the thirteenth century, City Hall, also from the same era, and the Monastery of the Holy Cross. The medieval aspect that can be felt in its streets and squares will transport you on a wonderful journey back in time.


The charm of traditional German villages


The landscapes that surround these two great historical and medieval towns will wrap you in a magical and mystical aura. Without going any further, you'll have the opportunity to see Bad Doberan, a city that is especially known for its cathedral. This is a Cistercian building that is considered the finest example of Gothic architecture in Northern Europe.


You will enjoy a wonderful tour of northern Germany through the charm of its small traditional villages and thick vegetation in the form of vast forests. For this tour, there is nothing better than to board the Molli train, a  wonderful experience which takes you on a trip of the Baltic coast from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn.


The panoramic views of these small towns that overlook the line of the Baltic coast are fascinating. The little steam train passes through places like Warnemunde, Bad Doberan and Kühlungsborn itself, one of the main northern German coastal destinations. You can admire one of the most idyllic and charming landscapes of your trip.


Germany perfectly combines its history and medieval legacy with the traditional character of its towns and cities. Rostock and Lubeck are two clear examples of this, two enclaves that will make you feel like you've travelled through time. Their mazes of medieval streets will resound in your memory with echoes of yesteryear.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique country full of beauty. The Baltic coast offers landscapes where the colors are intense and of a different flavor. Be captivated by the countryside in northern Germany, by the red rooves and by the stories and legends that have lived here for centuries.

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