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Finland Cruises

The paradise for nature lovers

Few countries in the world offer the amount of tourist possibilities that Finland does. This is a paradise for big fans of hiking, winter sports, nature lovers and excursions. If you are ready and willing to dive into an unforgettable adventure, travel with the Baltic Capitals Pullmantur cruise to this Scandinavian country.


Finland is an ideal place for a summer vacation in a winter setting. Can you imagine enjoying a bright sun at midnight? Or maybe you prefer a winter getaway to enjoy cross-country skiing, sleigh with reindeer or to visit to the kingdom of Santa Claus. It's up to you when you arrive on your Pullmantur cruise. Finland has prepared many surprises for the precise moment you're ready.

Our main ports of embarkation in Finland

The major cities of Finland

One of the main tours that we recommend in Finland is Helsinki, the capital. From the cruise, the sights of this city and the neighboring archipelago are simply charming. The most beautiful buildings in Helsinki are situated around the Senate Square. You will be stunned by the originality of the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, the Suomenlinna fortress or Temppeliaukio church which is carved into the rock.

You should also take note of other cities in the country such as Tampere, which includes the Sara-Hilden museum and the Kaleva Church, or Turku. The latter is the oldest city in Finland and has a magnificent castle, a beautiful thirteenth-century cathedral and a very interesting open-air museum.


Other frankly curious places in Finland are Imatra, a city on the border with Russia and founded in 1948. Kuopio is particularly striking for its buildings and, above all, for its white cathedral. Then there's Kerimaki, which houses the world's largest wooden church at 45 meters long and 42 meters wide.


The wonderful realm of nature in Finland


Hikers and nature lovers will be looking forward to taking off on one of the many excursions offered in Finland by Pullmantur. One of the most unforgettable experiences is beyond the Arctic Circle. There, right at the edge of Europe, awaits the fascinating region of Lapland.


Lapland and its way of life have always been great icons of Finnish tourism. Here winter landscapes are of unparalleled beauty. At its ski resorts such as Levi or Yllas, you can enjoy the best winter sports, reindeer sleigh rides or snowmobile or icebreaker cruises.


Also in Lapland you will find Mount Saana, the sacred mountain of the Lapps. It is also a great retreat during the summer when tourists flock to savor the evocative landscapes along the River Tenojoki or the sensational national parks of Lemmenjoki or Pallas Ounastunturi. In the first one you will see, for example, the largest forest area of ​​Europe.


And the nature of Finland is unique and indescribable. Did you know that it has over 200,000 lakes? Yes, especially in the region of Karelia, where you'll find about 60,000, although they are shared with Russia.


And the excursions in Finland do not stop here, as the Aland archipelago, opposite the city of Turku, has more than 6,500 islands and islets of granite emerging from the Baltic. These are places full of charm and include many castles and churches where you can enjoy a different and special environment.


Finally, from mid-May to late July, Finland has an average of 73 days of uninterrupted light as the sun never sets. In winter it goes the other way as Finland enters what is known as the polar night. That is the moment at which in the sky magical and dazzling auroras appear.

Have you ever dreamed of such a place? Finland may not be one of the main tourist destinations in the world but we assure you it will remain etched in your memory as a unique experience.

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