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Estonia Cruises

Discover the main attractions of the jewel of Baltic

If anyone considers Estonia as a country not for tourists, it is simply because they have not visited it yet. The beauty of its landscapes and the medieval and fresh character of its major cities make this beautiful Baltic lady a very interesting proposition. Now you have the chance to discover it for yourself on this Pullmantur Baltic Capitals cruise.


Tallinn is known as the Jewel of the Baltic. Upon arrival on your Pullmantur cruise you'll find out why. Actually, it is a capital of contrasts, as neighborhoods on the outskirts could not be more different to what awaits you in its marvelous historic center.

As you approach Tallinn, the grey and nondescript neighborhoods and high modern towers give way to the red roofs of the old town. This is the main tourist attraction of the Estonian capital. A labyrinth of baroque detail opens up before you with a wonderful backdrop from which emerges a sublime panorama.

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Tallinn: A suggestive medieval flavour

Towers and walls make up the center of Tallinn's medieval character. Here you will discover the lower town and the upper town, dominated by Toompea Hill, offering one of the most beautiful views across the Baltic. Prepare your camera to take home an unforgettable memory of Tallinn.

As you walk down Toompea hill you will discover the Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the castle and its curious pink baroque façade. And also the Lutheran Cathedral of the Virgin Mary and the Church of St Olaf. The upper city combines a number of attractions. We suggest you take in as much as you can.


Later, it will be time to go downtown to visit the Town Hall Square. Throughout this tour, ancient medieval houses of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries will come your way, especially in Lai and Pikk streets. These are the old houses of the Hanseatic merchants, men who gave great notoriety to this city.


Wandering round Tallinn is like stepping into a small medieval fairytale. Castles with pointed towers, stone arches and narrow streets with forts and walls. These are some of its main attractions. As evening approaches, and by the light of the sunset, you will see that it is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


A few kilometers from Tallinn you will find Kadriorg Palace, a grandiose building dedicated to Catherine the Great. You will also come across the village of Pirita, one of the special summer spots for Estonians. Every year a song festival takes place here that is very well known in northern Europe.


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The second largest city of Estonia is Tartu, known mainly for its university character which is reflected in the great energy of its streets. It houses the Estonian National Museum, one of the great cultural references in the country, and Tartu University is the oldest and most prestigious in Estonia.


Other points of interest in Estonia are Narva and Kuressaare. Both cities have beautiful castles (Hermann in Narva and Episcopal castle in Kuressaare). Lovers of the coast have Parnu, an Estonian paradise. This is a beautiful small town of wooden houses. Another  interesting and different destination is Haapsalu, known as the Venice of the Baltic for its canals.


The endless amount of Pullmantur trips available in Estonia is a true reflection of all you can find in a country like this. The views of Tallinn from the ship as it approaches are simply spectacular. Pointy towers protruding from the red roofs, along with pastel-colored baroque details will surprise you at all times.

The Baltic countries, and especially Tallinn, are waiting for you to discover a different kind of tourism. You will return home with the feeling of having discovered a pleasure for the senses.

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