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Travel to Egypt with Pullmantur, the country of the pyramids

In the extreme northeast of Africa, Egypt is one of the oldest countries in the world. Pyramids such as the Pyramids of Chephren, Giza and Dyeser are the main tourist attractions in Egypt but are not the only ones; this country also has important natural landscapes such as the banks of the Nile River and the Sahara Desert, which you can discover with this Pullmantur cruise.

In this country there are also many interesting cities such as Alexandria, Cairo and Port Said, where many of the most famous monuments of Egypt are concentrated. The Pillar of Pompey and the Roman theater of Alexandria, the whole of the Citadel of Saladin of Cairo and the Al-Abbasy Mosque of Port Said are some examples of them.

The north coast is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and has many unique beaches, such as Abu Quir and Ageebah. The eastern part of the country also has a shoreline, in this case the Red Sea, and important beaches such as Sharm el Sheik. And, in addition to beaches and monuments, with this Pullmantur cruise you can also discover the history of Egypt and enjoy its characteristic gastronomy.

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Alexandria, Egypt's favorite tourist destination


Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, hence its name, for centuries Alexandria was the cultural capital of Egypt. Today it is the second most populated city in the country after Cairo, the capital. Although the city's origins are Greek, most of Alexandria's monuments of antiquity are Roman.

Examples are the Roman theater and bird village, the Separeum temple (built in honor of Serapis, the patron saint of Alexandria) and the catacombs of Kom the Shukafa, from the first and second centuries. From the Greek architecture of Alexandria there are small remains, like the outer wall and truncated pyramid of the temple of Taposiris Magna from the fourth century AD.

Of the later historical stages we can mention, among others, the Mosque of Abbu El Mursi, the Montazah Palace and its gardens, and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of La Anunciación. During the 20th and 21st centuries, as you will discover with this Pullmantur cruise, Alexandria has experienced spectacular population growth, which has seen its streets filled with dozens of samples of the best in contemporary architecture in Egypt, as can be seen in the modern Library of Alexandria.

Travel to Egypt and tour the landscapes the Nile River

The longest river in Africa is the Nile, which crosses Egypt from north to south. At more than 6800 kilometers in length, as it progresses it is known by different names such as the Blue Nile or the White Nile. In the case of the Nile of Egypt, the official names are Middle Nile (south of the country) and Lower Nile (to the north).

Without doubt, of all the landscapes of Egypt bathed by this river, the most famous one is the Nile Delta. In the east zone you have the area where the Suez Canal is born, an artificial river connecting the Mediterranean sea with the Red one. In addition, when visiting the Nile Delta with this Pullmantur cruise, you can also see Lake Manzala, the Burullus and the Mariout.

Of all that tourism in Egypt offers, in addition to monuments and landscapes, there is another fundamental element - food. Due to the strategic position of the country, the gastronomy of Egypt counts influences from the Mediterranean and Africa. Of all the dishes that make up Egyptian gastronomy, the most important are rattlesnakes, Ful medammes (cooked beans) and baklava (sweets made of walnut and honey).

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