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Denmark Cruises

Find out what it is about this country of contrasts

One point that is usually made when talking about Denmark is that it is the country of contrasts. The reason for this is its Viking past and its current modern trends in architecture. However, Denmark is much more and you can discover all of it when you embark on your Pullmantur cruise.


From the tourist point of view, Denmark has lived throughout its history in the shadow of its neighboring countries. Still, it is a discovery of legacy, beautiful cities, renowned museums, cliffs, dunes and a very pleasant natural environment. Arriving with your Pullmantur cruise you will see that Denmark has no reason to be envious of the other countries.

First, it is a very peaceful country. The way of life of the people in this vanguard of Europe makes it an ideal place to enjoy its excellent culture with a unique look and style. The lively character of its people combined with the charm of its landscapes, are very attractive and perfect for getting lost in a magnificent journey full of sensations.

Our main ports of embarkation in Denmark

Enjoying the charms of the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital, is one of the most dynamic and pleasant cities in Europe. Speaking of Copenhagan, the traditional image of the Little Mermaid quickly comes to mind. But the Danish capital is so much more, especially if you contemplate the colorful houses on your arrival in Nyhavn, the old fishing district.


This is a city that offers a fantastic cocktail of historical heritage and modernity. From the splendor of the streets of the Latin Quarter to the Stroget to the entertainment district of Vestrebo and, of course, Tivoli, one of the best known theme parks in Europe which is already more than 150 years old.


Among the essential visits to Copenhagen we emphasize Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace, the Glyptotek and the National Museum museums, or the famous commune of Christiania. It is virtually impossible to return from this trip without naming Copenhagen as one of your most admired cities in Europe.


Denmark: Roskilde heritage and the fun of Legoland


Very close to the capital of Denmark is Roskilde. This is one of the oldest cities in the country and was its capital from the eleventh to the fifteenth century. In addition to its famous music festival, it is especially known for its spectacular cathedral, built in brick Gothic style. The largest cathedral in Denmark, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.


Roskilde Festival has been held since 1971 between late June and early July. Since then, it has come to be considered one of the most important music festivals in Europe, gathering thousands and thousands of people each year. This is a meeting which hosts a number of musical styles, ranging from hip hop to rock to heavy metal.


Roskilde presents another unique attraction that will delight even the youngest. This is the Viking Ship Museum. Within its collection five ships can be seen which were sunk in the eleventh century and recovered in 1957. Any visitor who comes to this museum will be impressed by these huge ships.


Since we have referenced the littlest of those among us, for them it would be a wonderful experience to visit Legoland, the best known park in Denmark. Created in Billund in 1968 from the classic Lego bricks, it recreates a whole universe of possibilities. Probably one of the most enjoyable visits you could make.


The Pullmantur excursions you can go on in Denmark will serve to give you an idea of ​​what this country can offer. You'll find the answers to precisely what the Danish contrasts are. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have a great day of sun, in which the colors of the beautiful Danish cities multiply.

Take the opportunity to stroll through the streets of Copenhagen, to admire the Cathedral of Roskilde or spend a fun day at Legoland. If you thought that Denmark was just the country of the Little Mermaid and the Vikings, you will come to see that this is definitely not the case.

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