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Curaçao Cruises - Pullmantur

Curaçao Cruises

Discover the pretty island of colorful houses

Curaçao is an autonomous territory belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, the town is, for many, synonymous with paradise thanks its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters in which you will want to bathe again and again. The Antilles and South Caribbean cruise offers you the opportunity to do so. You want to have this unique experience? Curacao awaits you with open arms.


Among the various monuments of this spectacular island are its colorful houses. Founded in the seventeenth century, these wooden houses are reminiscent of the typical houses of the city of Amsterdam. If you have already visited that European city, you may well be familiar with them and recognize the resemblance.


However, over the years, these houses have achieved the characteristic tones of the Caribbean leading to the old town of Curaçao to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the verandas or porches to the shutters. After disembarking from your Pullmantur cruise, you will be amazed at their bold colors. They will fascinate you.

Our main ports of embarkation in Curaçao

Also noteworthy are the Landhuizen Curacao, old cottages built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries where owners and plantation slaves lived. Among the highlights of the city are included several like Pannekoek, Dokterstuin, Kenepa or Brievengat.


The beach, the jewel of Curacao


On just 444 square kilometers of island you can enjoy up to 42 amazing beaches. These include several like Knip, one of the most famous in the country thanks to its turquoise waters where you can dive to discover the fantastic reef, or Mambo Beach, a beach known for its amazing infrastructure.


You can also go diving off the small island of Klein Curacao. Despite being uninhabited, it is one of the main tourist destinations in Curacao. There you will find an old lighthouse, beach houses and have the chance to enjoy a leisurely boat ride around the island.


If traveling with family, you cannot miss the beaches of Puerto Marie, Cas Abao, Kenepa or Cas Abou. You'll have everything you need at hand. In addition, their calm waters and white sand invite you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Curacao's history through its monuments


In addition to its fantastic beaches and its colorful houses, Curacao also stands out for its variety of monuments. Although it is a country of touristic beaches, Curacao offers much more. Discover it all with Pullmantur excursions.


You will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Academy at the Sea-aquarium. You can interact with them and discover the secrets of this special species.


You can also visit the incredible Hato Caves where you can enjoy an amazing waterfall and several natural pools. Ideal to visit with friends to enjoy a unique experience. If you want to relax with your loved ones, this is without doubt one of the best corners of Curacao.


And do you like sports? Then on the beach of Doctor's Bay you can snorkel and discover the secrets of the sea behind this charming nation. Do not forget to go on a tour of the main beaches of Curacao where you can enjoy this quiet, comfortable and safe place.

In short, Curacao offers a host of plans and adventures that you are sure to want to participate in. From its fantastic and various beaches to wonderful trips you will want to repeat again and again. Do you dare to swim with the dolphins and dive deeper into the spectacular Hato Caves. You will love it all!

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