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Colombia cruises - Pullmantur

Colombia cruises

Explore the attractive, sweeping Coffee paradise

When a country has the incredible privilege of being bathed by the waters of two oceans - the Atlantic and the Pacific - the beauty and variety of landscapes, the tastiness of fruit and other food from the land, and cosmopolitan mentality of its inhabitants are fully guaranteed .


On the cruises Rhythms of Jamaica and the Caribbean, and Antilles and South Caribbean, you can discover all the ingredients for the perfect trip in passionate Colombia. Beautiful weather comes together with the intoxicating aroma coming from your coffee, the best in the world.


Therefore, when you disembark from your Pullmantur cruise, you will feel that you have reached a new world, one where the days spread before you and your body and mind are invaded by the seductive essence of Caribbean relaxation. You can also experience plenty of activity, exquisite cuisine, dazzling beaches and monumental wealth everywhere.

Our main ports of embarkation in Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, the cornerstone of Colombia

Also, the important economic development of this country, named as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, assures that you will have a unique experience. You will discover new customs with the advantage of knowing you will enjoy them with luxury amenities.


During the early years of the sixteenth century, Spanish explorers of the territory now known as Colombia had serious problems settling here. Yet, one of the first urban centers that was founded - Cartagena de Indias  - soon became one of the most important ports in the Caribbean. This is a title that it still holds today.


Undoubtedly, the monuments that have set Cartagena de Indias apart almost from the moment of its creation are the impressive set of walls, bastions and forts erected to defend the city from the constant attacks it received. The undeniable monumentality of this defensive system is responsible for the fact that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.


But the "Walled City" nickname proffered to Cartagena de Indias is not the main sources of Colombian wealth. It is also known for the amazing architecture of the buildings of its old town.


Among the many examples we can highlight, we suggest you head to the San Pedro Square and the Bolivar. In the latter, you will be amazed by the imposing statue of the Liberator and the unique Palace of the Inquisition, built in colonial baroque style.


Colombia, synonymous with floral exuberance and fun holidays


Besides the well deserved rest and visit to the most representative places, what more could you ask of a trip to another continent? Well, to get to know every corner and reveal its most incredible secrets. To realize this aspiration and help you really get to know Colombia, we at Pullmantur offer a wide range of excursions.


Of all the natural wonders offered by Colombia, what really stands out are the beaches of Santa Marta. One of the main virtues of this outstanding natural area is the amazing intensity of the blue sea and the lush vegetation surrounding it. Also, if you are a lover of cultural tourism, in the city of Santa Marta you can satisfy this with a visit to the Gold Museum and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the hacienda where Simon Bolivar died.


But if nightlife is for you, we recommend you take advantage of your visit to Cartegena de Indias to hop onto one of 'las chivas rumberas.' These are buses where traditional Colombian parties are held while you admire monuments of the city.

To sum up, Colombia seamlessly combines a stunning nature with an unmatched architectural heritage and an amazing festive atmosphere. In short, everything you could wish for to make you want to stay in this passionate place forever.

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