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Aruba Cruises - Pullmantur

Aruba Cruises

Enjoy its mild climate and its pristine white sand beaches

If anything stands out on the island of Aruba, an autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is its spectacular and pristine beaches. Despite having an area of ​​only 193 square kilometers, this destination is one of the most fascinating in the world. Do you like the beach? Then this is an island you'll love. Thanks to the Antilles and South Caribbean cruise you can swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the sun on the white sand of Aruba.


Once you've disembarked in Aruba with your Pullmantur cruise you will have before you a fantastic island reminiscent of the Netherlands and the Caribbean thanks to the influence of both cultures this country. Do not miss the fantastic Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, where you can enjoy a unique fusion between two cultures through architecture that is unique in the world.

Among the major parties in this country are its Carnival and the Day of San Juan, celebrations that are world famous for their color and music. This country is therefore an ideal place to let go of your stress and enjoy a nature which is untouched. Why wait to dive into Aruba?

Our main ports of embarkation in Aruba

Aruba through its nature

Among the various plans that Pullmantur offers are those related to the beach, the main tourist attraction of this country. In this former Spanish colony you will have the opportunity to enjoy water sports such as diving so you can explore the underwater world of Aruba.


At a depth of twenty meters you will have be able to discover the most spectacular native species in the continent. You can also snorkel and see the famous Blue Parrotfish, one of the most characteristic fish in the area.


And all this from the fascinating Palm private beach, where you can also attend the Blue Parrotfish Water Park. Among the different activities at your disposal in Palm you have banana boat trips, volleyball matches or the multiple slides of this private beach.


Among the various tourist attractions in Aruba you cannot miss the amazing California Lighthouse, located on the Windward coast of Barlovento - la capilla de Alto Vista or The Chapel of the high view. Here, natives were converted to Catholics. You can also see the fantastic natural bridge and Casibari, an amazing rock formation which will blow your mind.


Aruba plans, which one do you prefer?


If you have decided to visit Aruba, but beaches are not your primary concern, there are many more activities for you in this country. One of the most popular is the ride aboard the Atlantis VI. On this submarine will discover the secrets of the sea at a depth of 45 metres. You will have the opportunity to closely observe the wrecks of two ships and also enjoy amazing coral reefs where colorful fish swim as if for your entertainment. All this awaits you in the "Barcadera" one of the most important diving areas in the country.


If you prefer being away from the sea, we recommend you go to the factory and the Museum of Aloe, where you can learn the process of developing this product.

In short, Aruba is a great little nation where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and several of the best beaches in the continent and the world. But if lying on the beach doesn't fascinate you, you will also have many other things to visit. Why wait to book your trip and to discover for yourself the hidden secrets of Aruba?


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