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Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise - Pullmantur

Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise



  • Malaga - At Sea - Porto - Lisbon - Lisbon - Tangier - Malaga

Tour the borders of Europe and Africa on the Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise

Southwest Spain, specifically, the port of Malaga, is the place where Pullmantur's Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise begins and ends. In addition to the Andalusian city, this Pullmantur cruise takes you to the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto, as well as Moroccan Tangier. Along the way you'll see outstanding European and African monuments, including Faró Square in Tangier and the Luis I Bridge in Porto.

In addition to architectural heritage, these Pullmantur destinations are home to spectacular art museums, including the Picasso Museum in Malaga (located in the Renaissance Palace of the Counts of Buenavista), the Soares dos Reis National Museum in Porto or the Museum of the Former American Legation in Tangier. In each of these institutions you can discover works by different masters, as well as outstanding depictions of historical events that took place in those cities. Enjoy works by the painter Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malaga, as well as different paintings and sculptures painting by Portuguese artists in Porto, or fascinating artworks depicting the first years of American diplomacy in Tangier.

Other unique tourist attractions on Pullmantur's Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise include natural wonders like Gaia's Biological Park, near Porto, which is crisscrossed by the Febros river, and the Tagus Estuary wetland in Lisbon, as well as Mount Gibralfaro in Málaga.

Travel to Porto, a key tourist destination in Portugal

Málaga is one of the oldest cities in Spain, originally founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. Here you can photograph places of interest including La Manquita, the name given to the city's renaissance cathedral, and Larios street, the area's main shopping thoroughfare. After a day of sailing across much of the coast of Andalusia and Portugal, this Pullmantur cruise will dock in Porto.

Built on the banks of the last stretch of the Douros river, Porto is known for the bridges that connect the two parts of the city. Of these, the most important are the María Pía Bridge (designed by the engineers Théophile Seyrig and Gustave Eiffel), the aforementioned Luis I Bridge, and the modern Arrábida Bridge.

"Porto, a must-see stop in Portugal"

Pullmantur's Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise stop in Porto means much more than just those outstanding works of the civil engineering, as Portugal's second city is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Ribeira neighbourhood, and wonders including the Palace of the Stock Exchange, a stunning neoclassical building.

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Check out the singular fusion of European and Arab architecture in Tangier

The next stop on this Pullmantur cruise is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, where you will dock for two days. Here, the must-see sights include the Belém Tower, St. George's Castle ---with unbeatable views of the city--- and the Carriage Museum. The Belém Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered to be one of the top works of Manueline architecture in Portugal.

For those with more modern sensibilities, a visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium is well-worth undertaking. Built for the 1998 World Exhibition, the Oceanarium is home to countless animal and plant species from the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Indian oceans. In addition, the exterior design of the building makes the Oceanarium one of the main examples of contemporary architecture in Lisbon.

"Tangier, the jewel of Morocco"

Before returning to the our start-off port in Málaga, Pullmantur's Getaway to Portugal and Morocco Cruise takes you to Tangier, the sixth most populous city in Morocco. Of all of Tangiers attractions, the Jardines de Mendoubia, Boulevard Pasteur, the Grand (and modernist) Cervantes Theatre and the Medina are all worth seeing. Near the latter, you will also find both the Great Souk of Tangier and the Small Souk, where you can admire and acquire different objects and craftworks.

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  • Malaga - At Sea - Porto - Lisbon - Lisbon - Tangier - Malaga