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Cruise From the North Sea to the Atlantic Coast - Pullmantur

Cruise From the North Sea to the Atlantic Coast

From Sweden to Portugal, a unique cruise in the waters of northern Europe

Go ahead and enjoy all the amenities offered by Pullmantur's cruise From the North Sea to the Atlantic Coast. The port of departure for this will be the city of Malmö, located in Scania, the southernmost province of Sweden. Enjoy a complete itinerary of seven nights that will take you to get to know some of the most outstanding tourist points of various countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal. First of all, when it comes to sightseeing in Malmö, make sure to visit its historic area, known as Gamla Staden. Also remember to visit the castle of Malmö, which dates from the sixteenth century, as well as some of the modernist buildings such as the Malmö Synagogue.

The next stop be Ijmuiden, a busy town in the north of the Netherlands, best known for the vital importance of its seaport. In addition, this area connects the tourist city of Amsterdam with the North Sea through the famous Canal del Norte. The town of Ijmuiden is located just 30 kilometers from the capital of the Netherlands, so it is presented as the best gateway to Amsterdam. In this sense, its main tourist attractions include the Van Gogh Museum, which houses more works than any other museum of this world master of painting, the house of Anne Frank, located in the historic heart of the city, and the iconic Dam Square. These are just a few of the many points of interest.

Soon after, this Pullmantur cruise will take you to the United Kingdom, specifically the town of Dover. This is the closest English urban environment to the coasts of continental Europe, and it stands out for its amazing scenery in the form of high white cliffs. There's also the possibility of traveling from here to other cities in the country, such as Canterbury, an idyllic setting for lovers of medieval art, or London, the best representative of the essence of the United Kingdom. This is full of monuments and world-famous buildings, such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Cherbourg and the island of Portland, two novel corners of France and the United Kingdom

Continuing with your itinerary, you will also have the opportunity to sail towards the northern coast of France and up to Cherbourg, located in the Normandy region. This is the most important seaport in France today and is a city that stands out for having several fortifications created exclusively to protect its bay. Of all there is to see in Cherbourg, you have to visit its City Hall and its main church, built in the fifteenth century, as well as the Cherbourg Museum, which contains an extensive collection of artifacts that keep the history of Europe alive.

And after the visit to French lands, you will return once again to the United Kingdom, this time to the beautiful island of Portland within the famous English Channel. However, it is not part of the so-called Channel Islands. It is located just a few kilometers from the tourist town of Weymouth, at the southernmost point of Dorset County. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect environment for lovers of geology and geographical features, since Portland is located in the center of the Jurassic Coast which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

"Sailing in the English Channel"

Among the most important places in Portland is Portland Bill, a small and charming peninsula located at the southern end of the island itself. It boasts three lighthouses which are an important point of reference of the sea for the ships that sail along these coasts. Of these, the most modern was renovated in 1996 and remains controlled by a new technological system, while the other two, which are much older, have been converted into useful spaces for other purposes, such as an important observatory for birdwatching, and accommodation for tourists seeking more ornithological information.

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Vigo and Lisbon, nature in its purest state

In the last days of this cruise From the North Sea to the Atlantic Coast, you will get in touch with the north of Spain as you visit the Galician city of Vigo. This is a privileged destination of the Iberian Peninsula and also the second largest city, in terms of size, of all Galicia. A natural environment protected from the winds by the amazing and enigmatic Cíes Islands, it is considered to be the direct gateway to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. When you decide to visit Vigo, it is essential that you discover its historic center which includes monuments and outstanding buildings such as the Collegiate Church of Santa María and the Mercado de la Piedra. This latter is a magical place that is presented as the setting for various legends.

Other highlights of Vigo are the Rúa da Pescadería, where the oyster sellers place their stalls to sell products that have been taken directly from the sea. There's also the García Barbón Theater, built in a recognizable neo-baroque style, the Plaza de la Constitución de Vigo, which includes the Casa da Cultura, the old Town Hall, and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) which has managed to establish itself as one of the most important cultural and artistic symbols of the city. Other attractions include the Alameda de la Plaza de Compostela, Castrelos park and the Municipal Museum Quiñones de León.

"The tourist essence of the north of the peninsula"

Finally, this Pullmantur cruise will come to an end and allow you to make the most of the last landing in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. Over time, this multifaceted Portuguese capital has received many different cultures from all over the world which has resulted in the varied characteristics of each of its main neighborhoods. Both in the north and south of Lisbon, you can appreciate a wide range of Portuguese natural spaces which combine perfectly with natural routes and leisure options for all tastes. Lisbon is synonymous with buildings, housing some of medieval essence and others of a more rustic ambience. This is despite the changes the city has undergone in its streets during the last few decades.

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