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From the Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise- Pullmantur

From the Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise




Travel from Greece to Spain with Pullmantur

Explore Greece, the country where Western philosophy was born, on Pullmantur's fabulous Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise. As we make our way to Spain, this great Pullmantur cruise treats you to sights that include the Palace of the Grand Master in Valletta, Malta.

As you travel aboard Pullmantur's Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise you can tour numerous landscapes in Spain, Malta or Greece. Amongst them, Málaga's Gibralfaro hill, home to the city's Arab castle, truly stands out, as does Malta's Blue Grotto and Greece's incredible beaches, including the one of Kourouta, near Katakolón.

In addition to these sights, this Pullmantur cruise enables you to sample the best of Spanish, Maltese or Greek gastronomy, including Andalusia's legendary fried fish, Malta's famous stuffa tal fenek (a marinated rabbit and dish that is cooked in wine and tomato), and the delectable Greek musaca.

Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece, four Pullmantur destinations for 2018

Spend over a week ---8 days and 7 nights--- on Pullmantur's Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise, a great opportunity to explore the southwest of Spain and famous destinations in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, including Valletta and Athens. Along the way, check out lesser known, but equally prominent, locales, such as Cagliari in Italy and Katakolon in Greece.

The Spanish destinations on this Pullmantur cruise are Malaga, where the journey begins, and Cartagena, the most monumental city in the Region of Murcia. The Plaza de la Merced, where one can view a monument to General Torrijos, and the Picasso Museum are two outstanding examples of tourist wonders in Malaga. Cartagena, founded by the Carthaginians in 227 a. C., is home to the Roman Theatre, the Puerta del Arsenal Militar, and numerous modernist buildings.

"Katakolon, the Greek town that is the gateway to Olympia"

In the city of Cagliari you can discover Roman, a 2nd century Roman Amphitheatre, and the Medieval Tower of San Pancracio (130 meters tall). You will see more medieval monuments in Valletta (Malta), amongst them St. Angelo's Fort. Later, in Greece, Pullmantur's Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise treats you to views of Athens's Acropolis and the Sanctuary in Olympia.

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Enjoy the varied natural landscapes of the Aegean and the Mediterranean

In addition to architectural and gastronomic wonders, Pullmantur's Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea Cruise lets you enjoy the best of the natural wonders in Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece. Around Málaga check out the Montes de Málaga Natural Park, full of different Mediterranean forest species, including holm oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees. Near Cartagena, you can relax in the Mar Menor lagoon.

Of all the natural areas near Cagliari, the most outstanding are those that make up the Molentargius Regional Park of the Cagliari Salt flats, full of pink flamingos. Meanwhile, in Malta, check out the aforementioned Blue Grotto, a group of marine caves located on the country's coast, as well as the beaches of the Golden Bay.

"Cagliari's Salt flats, a veritable wonder on this Pullmantur cruise"

After leaving Malta and taking on a full day of sailing, this Pullmantur cruise takes you to Greece. Our first stop is Chania, where you can tour and photograph some of the best beaches on the Greek Islands, such as Stavros or Kalamaki beach. And at the eastern end of Athens, a mere three kilometres from the Acropolis, you can see Dasos Kesarianis Park. Meanwhile, nearby Hymettus mountain is home to Kaisariani Monastery, an important example of the Byzantine architecture of Greece.

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