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From the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean - Pullmantur

From the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean




From Bilbao to Barcelona, ​​enjoy Spain and Portugal with Pullmantur

The time has come for you to travel through Spain and Portugal, from the north to the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, in a manner that you have never done before... That is to say, aboard a comfortable ship, specifically the Pullmantur From the Cantabrian to the Mediterranean cruise. Prepare yourself for 8 unforgettable days of adventure, with stops at the most important Iberian enclaves on the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The innumerable leisure, sport and relaxation facilities aboard your Pullmantur cruise guarantee that it will be smooth sailing throughout this Iberian trip, which takes you to Basque Bilbao, the Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon, Andalusian Cadiz, African Ceuta and ​​the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

Bilbao and Barcelona, ​​two of the most important cities in Spain, are the ports chosen for the beginning and end of this fabulous cruise From the Cantabrian to the Mediterranean. The first city is undoubtedly internationally famous thanks to its Guggenheim Museum, and it is the perfect start-point for this itinerary that ends in the Spanish East, in the heart of Barcelona's legendary modernism.

Bilbao, Oporto and Lisbon: fall in love with the charms of the Atlantic region

Bilbao, the economic capital of the Basque Country, is defined by the Guggenheim Museum, and during the last years of the twentieth and early twenty-first century it has acquired new life as a global, modern city full of monuments including the Iberdrola Tower or the Isozaki Towers, which are near the classic attractions located within the Seven Streets of the Old Quarter.

After a day of sailing, your first contact with Portugal will be in Porto, the second most populous city in the country. Located on both sides of the mouth of the Douros River, this city stands out thanks to the fascinating bridges that connect the two banks, including the Luis I, Maria Pía or Arrábida Bridges. In addition to these, a visit to Porto allows you to discover the charming Ribeira district, declared a World Heritage Site.

"The most spectacular Atlantic architecture comes together in Lisbon"

A little further south, you will discover Lisbon, the city of 7 hills. The Castle of Saint George sits atop one of them and offers wonderful views of the capital of Portugal. In addition to this monument, on your trip to Lisbon you can check out the Belém Tower, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Romanesque Cathedral of Lisbon, the National Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of Carriages.

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The Mediterranean essence accompanies you from Andalusia to Catalonia

Although it is bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, Cadiz is first and foremost an Andalusian city full of Mediterranean customs. Of course, the fact that it has always been a key trading port between Europe and Latin America has given the town a fascinating Caribbean air, which is especially noticeable in the Cathedral of Santa Cruz. Likewise, other key pieces of tourism in Cadiz are the Tavira Tower, the Plaza de las Flores and the Pópulo neighbourhood.

The sixth day of this cruise From the Cantabrian to the Mediterranean involves a visit to the Autonomous City of Ceuta, located in a strategic North African enclave. Because of this, Ceuta has been in the sights of several civilizations, and many of the ones that occupied this space left it with important military architecture. The Royal Walls and the Plaza de Armas are especially notable fortifications.

"Barcelona, ​​a cultural fantasy that comes to life"

Finally, this fantastic Pullmantur cruise comes to an end in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Spanish modernism. A visit to Barcelona requires a review of the most impressive examples of this type of architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia Basilica, the Casa Batlló or the Pedrera, and other attractions like the Plaza de Catalunya, Las Ramblas or The Olympic Ring.

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