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From Lisbon to Vigo cruise - Pullmantur

From Lisbon to Vigo cruise

A unique experience on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean

The cruise Special Lisbon - Vigo is one of the best opportunities to discover two of the most beautiful cities of Spain and Portugal aboard your Pullmantur cruise on the shores of the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon, the famous capital of Portugal and the port of departure of this cruise, is one of the most charismatic and cultural cities in Western Europe. Within its buildings and monuments and with very little effort it combines its traditional heritage with the modern. In addition, if you are someone who enjoy cities at night, Lisbon has rich and wide nocturnal offerings. And as an added gift, it has a European climate which is totally enviable.

For its part, Vigo is a unique city within Galicia where it has been able to perfectly combine traditional historical sites with natural places such as beaches and mountains. The historic center of Vigo brings together almost all of its commercial activity and cultural references and its main areas are located around the port. In all the districts of Vigo you will find places and small corners filled with charm, as well as diverse leisure activities for you get the most out of your holiday.

Lisbon, where nostalgia becomes a spell

Protected by a warm climate during practically the whole year, Lisbon presents itself as a city in which there is no place for boredom and where leisure possibilities are immensely numerous. It has prominent places such as the Tower of Belém, which once served to defend the city and today, is one of the monuments most sought out by visitors. This is largely due to the fact that it can be accessed up to its highest part through a central staircase.

Another interesting monument to visit in Lisbon is the Castillo de San Jorge. This has a total of 11 towers and, with its large dimensions, it can be seen from many points of the city. In addition, if you like architecture, the Cathedral of Lisbon is one of the most outstanding sites in the city. It also one of its oldest monuments with more than 900 years of history.

"Be adventurous and get to know all the corners of Lisbon"

And if you like exhibitions, Lisbon has the National Museum of Archeology and the dos Coches Museum. In the first you can observe a large number of archaeological pieces, and in the second, outstanding pieces of this traditional means of transport.

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An urban environment filled with nuance

Vigo is the largest city in Galicia and is considered the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. One of the first places that will attract your attention in its streets is the Rande Bridge, located on the estuary of the city. In each of its streets you will have the possibility to appreciate a perfect combination between tradition and progress.

Once in the historic center of Vigo, you will find significant buildings such as the Collegiate Church of Santa María, which houses the Cristo de la Victoria, one of the main symbols of the city. Also, right next door, you can find the Mercado de la Piedra, a magical place that appears as the main stage in a multitude of legends.

"Get to know Vigo, one of the jewels of northern Spain"

Introducing other prominent sites of Vigo. First is the Rua da Pescadería where you can see the famous oyster merchants sell their products directly from the sea. Then there's the Rua dos Cesteiros which offers you the opportunity to purchase different handicrafts. Or you have the most modern part of Vigo containing notable buildings such as the Teatro García Borbón, which has several neobaroque decorative sculptures.

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