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Transatlantic Cruises and Special Cruises - Pullmantur

Transatlantic Cruises and Special Cruises

Be dazzled by the wonders of transatlantic cruises between America and Europe

Imagine, for a moment, miles and miles or, in this case, nautical miles of total and absolute calm, surrounded by a blue immensity that makes it hard to distinguish between the sky and the sea. Suggestive. Practically even Zen, right? Yet this pleasant state of body and mind is within your reach as you cruise the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas with Pullmantur cruises.

On board your ship you will discover dream-like places on a trip during which you will enjoy the most charming cities of the Caribbean, a wonderful journey through the Atlantic and some of the most visited corners of the Mediterranean. Do not forget your camera! There will be images you'll always want to remember.

During the wonderful days of crossing all your dreams will come true about discovering two worlds and different cultures - the European and the South American. Or how about walking along paradisiacal beaches without end? Because this is the magic of the Caribbean region.

The attractive range of possibilities Pullmantur brings out on transatlantic cruises

Do you want to get to know the Caribbean, or the Atlantic face of Europe or Brazil? We know the answer is yes. That's why we have the great pleasure of telling you that the unique amalgam of monuments and landscapes scattered throughout these incomparable regions is at your fingertips with Pullmantur's transatlantic cruises. In addition to the waters of the sea or the ocean, a great common thread between the aforementioned destinations is that they all allow you to come into contact with cultures and ways of understanding the world as distant from each other as they are enriching.

South America and Europe are the preferred continents for trips by ship and it is not just because there are few regions in the world able to match their architectural grandeur or the high degree of charming contrast of the port cities of places such as the Dominican Republic, Portugal, France, Denmark, Germany and Spain, among others. In addition, all of them have other added values such as the friendliness of their people and, for the most part, almost heavenly beaches that will make you feel as though time has stopped.

"America and Europe, two continents full of beautiful coastlines"

If you've never visited the Dominican Republic do not miss this opportunity to discover a real paradise on Earth. In Santo Domingo you will see how history and art can get along with modernity, and in nearby La Romana you will enjoy the incomparable natural park of the Altos de Chavón. However, for real European essence, the true experiences await you on the volcanic island of Madeira, or in the cities of Copenhagen, Malaga or Rostock in Germany.

Discover our cruises by destination

Transatlantic cruises you can choose from and each one more seductive than the last

Pullmantur's Transatlantic cruises offer you different alternatives to cover the journey between South America and Europe, to get to know the privileged enclaves of two different worlds and to be the envy of friends and family by showing them the photos and selfies from your trip.

These Pullmantur trips are divided into three types. Those that leave Spain, those that leave from the Caribbean and those that start in another European country. Within the first type you can go, for example, From the Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea, From the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands or enjoy your Getaway cruise to Portugal and Morocco. In this way, your vacations will be rich in exotic and national beauty, thanks to the trips to places as spectacular as the Canary Islands, Casablanca or Bilbao. Also, if your initial port is Southern Europe, then your special cruise is named From classical Greece to cosmopolitan Dubai and will show you enclaves like Piraeus, Port Said and Suez Canal.

"Exotic beauty and European character, the most representative features of our transatlantic ships"

If you are already planning your next getaway, do not miss the special liners and cruises that Pullmantur offers you. Escape from the routine and live an authentic adventure between two continents, or two exciting ways to understand existence. Don’t wait another moment to come and enjoy the best vacation of your life.

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