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Five Wonders of the Mediterranean cruise - Pullmantur

Five Wonders of the Mediterranean cruise

Enjoy the monumental heritage of Spain, Italy and France with Pullmantur

Three different languages, but with a similar historical origin and development, may be the reason why the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, along the coasts of Spain, Italy and France, has one of the largest concentrations of monuments in the world. With this Pullmantur cruise you will have the privilege of visiting and photographing them while also touring some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

During the eight days and seven nights of the Five Wonders of the Mediterranean cruise, Pullmantur takes you to discover important European cities. The itinerary begins and finishes in the Spanish Barcelona. In addition to this, you can admire the Italian cities of Naples, Rome and Livorno and the French cities of Villefranche and Sète.

In one of the departures of the year, you will also leave Barcelona and disembark at the same ports until your arrival in France. However, the exception is that the place of Villefranche will be replaced by Cannes before you continue on with the adventure to Sète. And you can be sure that on board your Pullmantur cruise you will enjoy all the amenities to make your holiday in the Western Mediterranean unforgettable.

Barcelona and Italy, key destinations of the Five Wonders of the Mediterranean cruise

The first city that this Pullmantur Mediterranean cruise passes is Barcelona, the second most important city in Spain. In addition to the Gothic Quarter and the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia, many of Barcelona's monuments are famous throughout the world for being the best examples of modernist Catalan architecture in existence. We are referring to buildings such as La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Familia.

After a day of sailing you will arrive in Naples, the first of the Italian cities you will visit with this Pullmantur cruise. Going sightseeing in Naples, to stand at the foot of the Vesuvius volcano is synonymous with visiting its Archaeological Museum and then touring the ancient city of Pompeii. Highlights of this latter visit are the House of Octavius Quartio and the Forum.

"The ruins of Rome, one of the attractions of a trip to Italy"

The next day, you will have the privilege of contemplating the most important monuments of Rome such as the Roman Coliseum, the Forum, the Spanish Steps or the small country of the Vatican City. Highlights here are the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's basilica. A day later you will tour Livorno, a miniature Venice very close to Florence and Pisa.

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The unique southern France says goodbye to you from Sète

Once you've left Livorno behind, your first contact with the cities of France on the Five Marvels of the Mediterranean cruise will be Villefranche. Here, in addition to enjoying the exceptional beaches of the French Riviera, you can travel to Nice and contemplate the landscapes of Provence.

On the other hand, if your Pullmantur ship takes you to Cannes, you will have before you a fantastic and interesting city which is world famous for hosting the European International Film Festival. Regarding what is to be seen in Cannes, the Boulevard de la Croisette and the Church of the Mother of God, a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture, are worth a mention.

"Villefranche, a city at the heart of the French Riviera"
Your last destination of this Pullmantur cruise before returning to Barcelona is Sète, one of the most important ports in France. This is a city built on the final stretch of the Grand Canal du Midi, right on the banks of the Etang de Thau. Known for the nickname of Venice of Languedoc, among its attractions are the lighthouse of St. Louis, the port of the Royal Canal and a delicious gastronomy based on fish.

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