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Cruises on the Mediterranean - Pullmantur

Cruises on the Mediterranean

Enjoy the marvel of cruises of the Mediterranean with Pullmantur

Three continents, dozens of cities and thousands of places to visit. That's what awaits you if you embark on any of the evocative Mediterranean cruises with Pullmantur.

This sea, which was once home to many of the most important towns and civilizations in history such as those of the Greeks, the Romans and the Phoenicians, is waiting for you to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy this adventure which is bathed by crystal clear waters and the Mediterranean climate all year round. Everything you have imagined you can experience cruising the Mediterranean! In addition, Pullmantur offers you the chance to choose an all inclusive Mediterranean cruise so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy a unique experience.

What will you be thinking about during the Pullmantur cruises in the Mediterranean?

With our numerous Pullmantur cruise deals of the legendary and dazzling Mare Nostrum, you can visit all the places you've always wanted and more. You want to know what they are? One of those places that will make this trip the most memorable of your life is Italy. Do you want to discover this unique country? Do not let others tell you about it. Get deep into its history and discover everything offered while you recreate the past with its beautiful scenery and ancient sites: Naples, the ruins of Pompeii, Capri, Pisa, Florence ... Walk through history in eternal Rome or discover everything that this transalpine country has to offer. Italy is fashion, dining and entertainment in all its forms.

The cruises that we offer also take you to the country of love, France, the cradle of absolutism, a form of government that led to the construction of luxurious palaces like Versailles. It also offers a fascinating way of life that can still be seen in its culture, food and, of course, its rich and fascinating heritage. Notre Dame de la Garde, Puerto Viejo and many other places in France await you. In addition, in this country, all those ingredients are complemented by a splendid nature of beauty. And going onto food, would you like to delight your senses with a paella in Valencia? Or stroll through the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona? You can do these with our Mediterranean cruises because Spain is one of the countries you will visit. In the region which is bathed by the Mediterranean sea and where the waves break with bravura, culture and tradition are the perfect combination that characterizes this area of Spain. Together with its delicious cuisine, they make up its identity.

"Culture and tradition. The perfect combination that characterizes Spain"

But your experience does not end there. You'll experience the union of different Western cultures represented among the different seas and oceans. And the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Aegean Sea have much to offer. Greece, Croatia, Montenegro or Malta await you. Doors and blue roofs that blend into the horizon with the sea in Santorini, the mosaic of cultures and people living in Malta, the impressive wall of Dubrovnik which will leave you speechless, or the imposing cliffs of Kotor will leave you breathless. All these wonderful places are waiting for you in one of these cruises on the Mediterranean Sea.

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What cruises of the Mediterranean will you choose with Pullmantur?

With The Breezes of the Mediterranean cruise you have in your hand the chance to enjoy some of the delights you've seen in films like Roman Holiday or Under the Tuscan Sun, among others. No doubt you will feel like one of the main characters from these most beautiful of stories. That is to say that you'll have an experience straight out of the movies. Another Pullmantur Mediterranean cruise, whose destinations are some of the cities with the most joy in Europe, is Legends of the Mediterranean. In Italy and Spain, you have two countries that for their history and culture are the most popular and exciting in the world to discover.

But what Pullmantur has to offer is much wider than just Mediterranean cruises, and it is worth noting others that begin in Marseille and Calais, such as Adria, Allegria, Azzura or Bellezza. With these, apart from enjoying some of the destinations that have been mentioned in the other cruises, you'll also have the possibility of discovering other countries and cultures that will enrich your mind and senses. Also, if you want to appreciate the difference and contrast between the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic ocean, you can take a trip on the Baltic Capitals cruise, another of the cruises we have available. Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Stockholm are some of the most famous cities you will visit. You can also start the trip from different cities en route, so you can join in the place you want and enjoy the rest of the trip.

"In the Mediterranean, you will have an experience straight out of the movies"

What can you expect to come across in any of these experiences? Thanks to our long history (over 40 years) and our great service, we are sure you will have a unique experience. Certainly worthy of being spoken about in your family for years.

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