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Cruises on the Greek Islands - Pullmantur

Cruises on the Greek Islands

Enjoy Pullmantur's unforgettable cruises around the Greek Islands

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the Greek Islands with Pullmantur and live moments that you are sure to never, ever forget. Treasure the physical and mental reminders of beautiful destinations, the memory of which are sure to bring a smile to your face for years to come.

The Greek Islands have it all: hospitable people, delicious gastronomy, incredible sunsets that will leave you gasping for more, endless beaches of crystal clear waters... Discover them all as you head east from Spain, pass by the evocative island of Malta, eternal Italy and finally reach mythological Greece, one of Europe's most fascinating places, a spot that mixes history, ruins and legends.

Aboard your cruise you will magically arrive at cities, towns and wonderful enclaves immersed in a captivating, magical atmosphere with which you are sure to fall in love from the first moment you see them on the horizon.

Majesty takes over on Pullmantur's cruise amongst the Greek Islands

In addition to enjoying the thousand and one charms that make up Greece, Pullmantur's cruises through the Greek Islands allow you to discover southern Europe's other wonders, including Messina, part of the Sicily, that iconic island at the boot of the Italian peninsula. Upon arriving you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the landscape, dominated by the imposing presence of the legendary Mount Etna volcano.

Once in the spectacular Greek Islands you will feel as if you are in some heavenly place. One of the finer locations in this terrestrial Eden is Argostoli, capital of the island of Kefalonia. Bathed by the intensely indigo Aegean Sea, it is a place of contrasts replete with magnificent beaches that are themselves adorned by a natural diversity well-worth admiring. Similarly, Chania dominates Crete, an island full of history in which you can soak up the culture and art of ancient civilizations or visit some of the most spectacular beaches in all of the Greek Islands.

"The Greek Islands, a little piece of heaven located in the middle of the Aegean Sea"

But if there are two destinations that inevitably fascinate those who choose to cruise amongst the Greek Islands, those are, without a doubt, Mikonos and Santorini. The first is characterized by a seductive nightlife and palpable luxury in each of its corners, which, incidentally, boast charming spots like Little Venice or the famous windmills. If Mykonos is a place where the night takes precedence, Santorini is famous for its light, and in particular for the fabulous sunsets, in which the last rays of sunshine blend with the unique indigo of its domes. While here, make sure to sample the rich wines and visit the archaeological remains of Ancient Thera and Akrotiri.

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Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruises: different routes to paradise

All trips to the Greek Islands pass through the port of Piraeus in Athens. The Greek capital is the cradle of civilization and full of history, and as you walk through its extraordinary streets you will feel as if time has stopped. While in Athens you will have the unforgettable opportunity to visit one of the most emblematic and famous monuments that exist: the Parthenon on the Acropolis. Or if you prefer, you can get lost in the bohemian Plaka neighbourhood and contemplate the illuminated Parthenon at a distance while dining by candlelight in one of its charming restaurants. And, of course, you can not forget to drop in on Katakolon, a city famous for harbouring a large amount of archaeological remains.

A nine day trip is ideal, but if you have less time, no problem: Pullmantur has plenty of options for you! The Grecian Escape cruises span seven days, while the Greek Islands cruise lasts eight. The first allows you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary amalgam of whites, ochres and blues that characterize Mykonos, Santorini, Piraeus and Patmos, and they conclude in Alicante, Spain. The Pullmantur Greek Islands cruises focus exclusively on the Aegean Sea and feature stops in magical spots like El Piero, Santorini, Mykonos or Marmaris.

"Take your senses to ecstatic heights and experince full relaxation in the Aegean Sea"

Without a doubt, any of the routes you choose will be a resounding success, as they all feature a perfect combination of history, nature, fun and relaxation that will no doubt conquer you. In fact, you will be unable to choose a favourite spot amongst all the spectacular locations you visit while on Pullmantur's Greek Island cruises, as they are all simply marvellous.

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