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Fjords of the North cruise - Pullmantur

Fjords of the North cruise

Travel from Rostock to Trondheim on Pullmatur's Fjords of the North cruise

Germany and Norway are the two countries you'll visit aboard Pullmatur's Fjords of the North cruise. Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights, you will have the privilege of visiting some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, the Norwegian fjords, as well as outstanding monuments including the beautiful New Market Square in Rostock (Germany) .

Travelling aboard this Pullmantur cruise, you will be able to explore important European cities like the aforementioned Rostock and the Norwegian cities of Stavanger, Alesund and Bergen. This provides you with a unique opportunity to see charming Ovre Holmegate Street in Stavanger, the fabulous Norwegian Art-Nouveau architecture of Alesund or the Bryggen District in Bergen.

In addition to these cultural delights, Pullmatur's Fjords of the North cruise lets you check out all sorts of natural wonders, the true highlights of this Norwegian excursion. While in this northern wonderland, let yourself be blown away by the Syv Fjell valley, the Lysefjord fjord, which is viewed from atop the Preikestolen, or the fjord-and-island environment surrounding the Fjellstua Viewpoint, located a few kilometres from the city of Alesund.

Discover the natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords

Rostock is the most important city on Germany's Baltic coast and a key point on Pullmantur's Fjords of the North cruise, rivalled soley by Trondheim. While here, make sure to visit New Market Square and the Old Market Square. Later, we carry on to Trondheim, which is home to monuments like the Stiftsgarden, the official residence of the kings of Norway, which is built out of wood.

Another key stop on this Pullmantur cruise is Stavanger, which is a port of call on our itinerary regardless of whether your holiday starts in Rostock or in Trondheim. The city was built in the vicinity of unique Norwegian landscapes like the Lysefjord. In the historical centre, known as Gamle Stavanger, you will be able to see many of Scandinavia most important monuments, including the Cathedral of St. Swithun. To the north, in Bergen and Flåm, you can check out some of the stars of this Pullmantur cruise, such as the Hanseatic Museum and Myrdal mountain.

"Photograph the Northern Fjords, Norway's iconic natural wonders"
In the vicinity of the Briksdales Glacier one finds Olden, a town whose main attractions are related to natural wonders like the nearby glacier or Jostendalbreen National Park. In contrast to so many Norwegian landscapes, in Alesund, another stop on this Pullmantur cruise, you can photograph unique examples of Art-Nouveau Nordic architecture. In addition to these cities, we will also visit Geiranger and / or Hellesylt. The first city is home to the Friaren waterfall, while Hellesylt boasts Lake Hornindalsvatnet.

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Discover the most important of Rostock and Flåm with Pullmantur

The only destination outside Norway on Pullmantur's Fjords of the North cruise is the German city of Rostock. Located in the north-eastern coast of Germany, just after the Jutland peninsula and on the Baltic Sea, it is home to a multitude of unique and, at the same time, almost unknown monuments. While here, check out the Old Market Square, the New Market Square and the amazing Church of St. Mary.

The Church of St. Peter and the Kloster Zum Heligen Kreuz are also worth a visit. Besides being the most outstanding example of the Gothic architecture of Rostock, the first boasts a 117 metre-tall tower from which you can contemplate the whole city. For its part, the Kloster Zum Heligen Kreuz, the city museum, is located in an old convent built in the Middle Ages.

"Tour Northern Germany from Rostock"
At the bottom of the Aurlandsfjord one finds Flåm, a small town that is one of the most chamring in the southern half of Norway. In addition to the aforementioned Flåm Train, while here you can discover another side of Scandinavia's landscapes. Pullmantur's Fjords of the North cruise takes you to the Myrdal Rallarvegen mountain, the Walkers Route or the unique Stalheimsfossen waterfalls, Sivlefossen And Rjoandefossen.

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