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Norwegian fjords cruises - Pullmantur

Norwegian fjords cruises

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Enjoy the fjords of Norway with Pullmantur

Traveling to another world without leaving Europe is entirely possible. If you venture to embark on one of our cruises of the stunning Norwegian Fjords you will witness firsthand the spectacular surrounding mountains and enjoy the unique excursions that each city has to offer.

You'll get to know fantastic places and small fishing towns surrounded by landscapes that will leave you openmouthed. And they have a tradition going back to the Viking presence on their shores and cities. Would you like to take a trip through the fjords of Norway?

Apenas existen adjetivos que sean capaces de englobar de manera única la majestuosidad de los Fiordos Noruegos. En este bello lugar, Noruega se presenta como un país espectacular y potente, solitaria, pero a la vez luminosa, y sobre todo, muy cercana, gracias a la amabilidad de sus gentes. Sin duda, este crucero te ofrece la posibilidad de conocer auténticos escenarios de película y entornos donde la naturaleza se muestra en su máxima expresión. Parajes amigables y muy vivos que harán que tu viaje se convierte en una experiencia inolvidable.

Places you will discover with your cruise of the Norwegian Fjords

With Pullmantur and its variety of offerings across northern Europe including the Norwegian fjords, you'll encounter all those places and landscapes reserved for very few people. And you will have the chance to explore, thanks to our cruise, the most unique and famous destinations of Norway.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit and learn about Bergen, considered by many as the most beautiful city in Norway. And there is good reason to classify it as such too! Located in a valley surrounded by mountains and overlooking the North Sea, you can enjoy the perfect combination of natural beauty and urban life. Pullmantur also offers the opportunity to visit other cities and learn their best kept secrets. In the city of Flåm, you will enjoy a special trip through one of the most important tourist routes in Norway: the Flåm train. A journey of 20 kilometers in a stunning landscape of snowy mountains, ravines and slopes that will make you hold your breath as you're unable to stop looking at them. At the same time you'll be able to contemplate the famous Aurlandfjord and its decorated landscape with impressive waterfalls.

"The most important features of Norway's stunning nature, up-close"

Do you not know Trondheim? Don't worry. With us you will discover the second largest city in Norway, a city where you will feel the magic and the contrast between the strong presence of its Viking past and great economic activity. In addition, Germany is another country that you can enjoy. Here you'll visit Rostock, a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea with a great cultural life, full of medieval monuments. Among them is the amazing tower of the Church of San Pedro at an electrifying 117 meters high from which you can observe the entire coastline. You will also have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of France passing through the English Channel to the beautiful city of Calais, rebuilt after World War II and a scene of great historical battles.

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What Norwegian Fjords cruise will you choose?

Pullmantur encourages you to enjoy the most remote places in Norway. The Northern Fjords cruise is the best alternative way to travel around Europe. A route with which you will have the possibility to depart from Germany, in the city of Rostock, or from Trondheim in Norway itself. You will have a total of eight days ahead of you that will remain in your memory forever.

Dare to dream and enjoy, at Pullmantur's hand with its 40 plus year history, unique experiences and lasting memories. This trip will be the perfect end to incredible days of disconnection with countless sites of breathtaking scenery.

"Live indelible feelings"

There are hardly any adjectives that are capable of fully capturing the majesty of the Norwegian Fjords. In this beautiful place, Norway reveals itself to be a truly spectacular and powerful country which is simultaneously solitary and luminous and, above all, incredibly hospitable on account of the kindness of its people. Without a doubt, this cruise gives you a unique possibility to discover authentic, picture-perfect locations where nature is simply at its best. Discover the friendly and lively side of Norway on this trip, which is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


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