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Antilles and South Caribbean cruise - Pullmantur

Antilles and South Caribbean cruise

Travel to the Caribbean aboard Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean Cruise

Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean cruise enables you to travel to Panama, Colombia, Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba and, thus, discover the main monuments and natural landscapes of the Caribbean. Of these, some of the most outstanding are the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias or Aruban Oranjestad.

This cruise lasts 8 days and 7 nights and takes you to important Caribbean destinations including Colón, which is located in the vicinity of the Panama Canal, Curaçao, Bonaire, and the cities of Cartagena de Indias and Oranjestad. Along the way you'll enjoy the pleasant temperatures of the Caribbean and the fabulous, on-board leisure, sports and relaxation facilities.

In addition to allowing you to check out the previously mentioned Caribbean ports, Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean cruise takes you to outstanding places of interest including Oranjestad's California Lighthouse (in the capital of Aruba) or Fort Willemstad (in the capital of Curaçao). It's not all about architecture, however: this Pullmantur cruise gives you the privilege of touring and photographing the Caribbean's best natural landscapes and beaches, including Lake Goto in Bonaire and Palm Beach in Aruba.

Explore the Caribbean with Pullmantur

Colón is the first destination on Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean cruise. Here you can relax on some of Panama's most unique beaches, like the ones in Palenque or Langosta. While here, check out the nearby Panama Canal and the Fort of San Lorenzo, one of the oldest castles in America. After Colón our Pullmantur cruise docks in Cartagena de Indias, the most prominent tourist town in Colombia. This is a truly unmissable location, and while here you have to visit the Walled City, a monumental complex that was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The colonial buildings in the Plaza de los Coches and the Church and Convent of San Pedro Claver are some of the highlights of the Walled City. After Cartagena de Indias, we will visit Curaçao, an island that belongs to the Netherlands. Its capital is Willemstad, a city full of interesting buildings, including Pietermaai Cathedral, an important example of the colonial architecture of Curaçao.

"The Panama Canal, Panama's great wonder of civil engineering"

Another island that linked to the Netherlands is Bonaire, a region that stands out, above all, for the wide variety of natural landscapes it hosts. While here, visit Goto Lake and Lac Bay. In Aruba you can relax on iconic beaches, like Palm Beach, and also explore Oranjestad, full of Dutch colonial architecture. After leaving Aruba, our next stops will be in Colón or Cartagena, always depending on where you started this Pullmantur cruise.

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Cartagena and Willemstad, two monumental destinations

After your first night aboard Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean cruise you will wake up in the monumental Cartagena de Indias, the most outstanding tourism city in Colombia. It's main claim to fame is its amazing Walled City, but while you're here make sure to check out the Clock Tower and the Cuartel de las Bóvedas, an important example of Colombian colonial architecture.

Other popular attractions include the old Customs' House, the Casa del Marqués del Premio Real, the Gold Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. In addition to culture, tourism in Cartagena de Indias means visiting the best Colombian beaches, such as Bocagrande or Punta Canoa.

"Bolo di Fruit, a major tourist attraction in Willemstad"

While in Willemstad make sure to visit Fort Amsterdam, the main relic of Curaçao's military architecture. Nearby, Sha Caprilleskade, a unique floating market, is also worth a visit. Pullmantur's Antilles and South Caribbean cruise also enables you to visit the Scharloo neighbourhood, full of houses built at the end of the 19th century. Of these, the Bolo di Bruit or the Wedding Cake House definitely stands out. Don't miss the opportunity to also visit the Mikve Israel Enmanuel Synagogue, the oldest, continuously functioning synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

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