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Cruises on the Caribbean - Pullmantur

Cruises on the Caribbean

Cruises on the Caribbean. A dream come true

If you dream of swimming in crystal clear waters, set your imagination free as you take a peaceful walk through long beaches of white sand and lose yourself contemplating a sky so blue that you will never forget it. Our recommendation is that you take one of the Caribbean cruises that Pullmantur offers.

Yes there are many cruises of the Caribbean islands, but those offered by Pullmantur are unique as the company has more than 40 years of experience and, for nine consecutive years, our onboard service has won the best Excellence Award.

You’ve also probably heard someone define the Caribbean Sea as the Sea of Seven Colors. Whoever said that was absolutely right: this part of the Caribbean is defined by its rich array of colours, dominated by a sea that shifts shades of blue, sky blue, turquoise and even green. All this against a backdrop of fine white sands which make each island into natural pools of incalculable beauty.

What will you visit with Pullmantur's Caribbean cruises?

We invite you to experience the unforgettable adventure of taking a Caribbean cruise with us. Do you want to get to know the reflection of the Dutch Caribbean architecture found in Aruba? Its colorful West Indian style buildings will leave you openmouthed. What will you make of the delightful view of the impressive defensive fortifications that are still standing in the romantic city of Cartagena? In addition to all this Caribbean architecture, you can enjoy nature. Take advantage of this trip to explore one of the national parks of Curacao or snorkel in the stunning setting of the coast of Grand Cayman.

You can enjoy the fun of Bonaire and its people in every corner of the city or, if you prefer, please your palate with the aroma and unique flavor of rum in the area. A collision of cultures that will amaze you at every turn is also spiced with harmony as both nations are surrounded by deep blue waters.

"Enjoy the exclusive magic of the Caribbean"

Puerto Limón is one of the stops of our Caribbean cruises. Its name offers a preview of the great beauty of this little piece of nature that still retains a certain amount of splendor of past centuries. With Pullmantur you will have the opportunity to make your dream trip to the Caribbean. Paradisiacal countries, pristine beaches and the best all-inclusive services await you on our Caribbean cruises.

Discover our cruises by destination

Which cruise of the Caribbean will you choose?

Pullmantur offers you the opportunity to take various Caribbean cruises, choosing the one that best matches your dreams and aspirations. And to bring to your trip a great feeling of relaxation and disconnection, we also have all inclusive Caribbean cruises. You will have everything you need to make your experience unique and your photos will become the envy of your friends and family!

The first of the Pullmantur Caribbean cruises that we want to highlight is the Antilles and South Caribbean cruise. Along the route several stops are made at some of the largest havens on earth as in the case of Aruba, Cartagena de Indias or Curacao among others. In addition, another Pullmantur Caribbean cruises that will make you feel like a real adventurer is the Legendary Caribbean cruise. Santo Domingo and Puerto Limón are among many destinations but there is only one objective: For you to have an unforgettable experience.

"White sand beaches, sunshine and fun, all within your grasp"

If you are planning your next vacation, Pullmantur has a wide range of Caribbean cruises and can help you to make a solid decision. Feel the adventure of this sea, which was once commonplace with so many ships plying trade routes with Europe. In this sense, on our Caribbean cruises you will experience great episodes that could be read in any history book. We are waiting!

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