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Baltic Capitals cruise

Travel from Rostock to Helsinki on Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise

The cities of Rostock, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Helsinki are some of the destinations in Northern Europe that you can visit on Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise. Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights we'll check out the outstanding landscapes and monuments located in Germany, Estonia, Russia and Finland.

This Pullmantur cruise has two possible itineraries. The first begins at the port of Rostock in Germany and, after 8 days, concludes in Helsinki, passing through the aforementioned and outstanding cities of Europe along the way. The second itinerary is exactly the same, with the only difference being that the journey starts in Helsinki and ends in Rostock.

This way, during the time you are aboard Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise, you can visit tourist attractions like the Church of St. Nicholas in Rostock, the Pikk and Lai streets in Tallinn, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg or the Suomenlinna fortress in Helsinki. Along the way, you'll see unique European landscapes, including Helsinki's beaches or Pihlajasaari island. The latter is located just a few kilometres from the capital of Sweden and is composed of more than 300 islets.

This 2019 discover the modern city of Malmö with Pullmantur

In Rostock, the first or last city of Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise, you will discover some of the most outstanding monuments of Germany, including the Church of St. Peter, a masterpiece of the Gothic architecture. Once you leave Rostock, this Pullmantur cruise will take you to Malmö, Sweden's third largest city. Malmö boasts an important number of attractions, amongst them the Church of Saint Peter and Malmö Castle, both of which are in Gamla Staden, the old zone.

After visiting Malmö, and after a day of sailing aboard this Pullmantur cruise, you will arrive at Nynäshamn, a town that functions as Stockholm's port. The Folklore Museum or nearby Tyresta National Park are some of the main attractions of the area. Later, Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise takes you to Tallinn, Estonia. Sightseeing in Tallinn means visiting the Church of St. Olaf, which until 1625 boasted the tallest tower in the world, and dropping in on Raeapteek, the oldest pharmacy in Europe.

"Admire the art within St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum"

The sixth and seventh days of Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise take place in St. Petersburg. The Hermitage Museum, Stroganov Palace, St. Peter's Lutheran Church or the Resurrection Church are just a few of St. Petersburg's monuments, claims to fame for this grand city. We'll wrap up this Pullmantur cruise, visiting Helsinki's main sights, including the neoclassical St. Nicholas Cathedral or Temppeliaukio Church.

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Warnemünde and Malmö, the southern destinations of this Pullmantur cruise

In the southern part of the Baltic Sea one finds Rostock, the only German city on Pullmantur's Baltic Capitals cruise. Rostock is home to numerous monuments, including Old Market Square, the Town Hall and the buildings in the New Market Square. Climb up Saint Peter's Church's tower and check out the magnificent views from the height of 117 meters above the city.

After Warnemünde, our Pullmantur cruise heads to Malmö, the third most populous city in Sweden, located less than 40 kilometres from Danish Copenhagen. Tourist routes in Malmö are divided between the aforementioned Gamla Staden, the historic quarter, and the sustainable district of Västra Hamnen. While in the Old Quarter, check out the Church of St. Peter and Malmö Castle, the Town Hall and Stortorget Square.

"The Turning Torso, a landmark monument in Malmö"

In Västra Hamnen, the former shipyards, check out the newly rehabilitated buildings, such as the Central Post Office, the World Maritime University or the Central Station. This neighbourhood boasts many important examples of Swedish avant-garde architecture, including Calatrava's Turning Torso skyscraper and Malmö Live.

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