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Baltic Sea cruises - Pullmantur

Baltic Sea cruises

Discover the beauty of the Nordic Baltic Capitals cruise

Get to know the cultural richness and beauty of the most famous and emblematic cities that live along the Baltic sea which is full of history and where the largest reserves of amber in the world can be found. It also links the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

This interior and slightly salty sea has seen major changes throughout history. From the invasion of Germanic peoples to the settlement of the Vikings. These civilizations made it an important center of commercial activity by sea and by the river routes that flow into the so-called East Lake.

Enjoy the most distinguished monuments and the beautiful beaches of the Baltic capitals. You will not regret embarking on this adventure with Pullmantur!

Marvelous places on this cruise of the Baltic

With this cruise on the Baltic you will visit cities and countries that will leave you breathless as we assure you that Northern Europe is completely magical. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? This dance of light is just one of the great attractions of Finland and its capital. A country where you will enjoy impressive green landscapes since Helsinki is full of parks and forests such as the Park of Nuuksio, one of the most famous and most valued by tourists. It will nourish your soul with its rich culture and the Finnish love of music and nature.

Another attraction of the Baltic Sea is undoubtedly the great Russia. You will discover the imperial city of St. Petersburg, residence of the Tsars and center of political, social and Russian cultural life for several centuries. In St. Petersburg, a World Heritage Site since 1990, you will enjoy a city full of history and a cultural and architectural richness that will captivate you. Do not forget to visit the Winter Palace, the official residence of the tsars before the Soviet Revolution. We promise you will not be disappointed.

"The scenic beauty of the Baltic Sea will dazzle you"

In addition, this cruise will allow you to get to know Tallinn, the charming capital of Estonia. This is a city with a medieval air that permeates the buildings that will make you feel as if you are living in a fairy tale. But your journey does not end there! On a Baltic cruise like this you cannot miss a visit to Stockholm, the Swedish capital. There, the presence of water is a constant throughout the entire city.

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Cruises on the Baltic Sea: possible routes

When you embark on the ship Monarch your paths have several possibilities. You can start your adventure in Rostock or Helsinki, two of the most iconic cities of the Baltic Sea. You decide!

In the first option, if you decide to embark in Rostock, in Germany, you will get to know the city of Stockholm, where you can enjoy two magical days after an initial day of sailing. Later, you will come to the cities of Tallinn, where you will stay for a day, and St. Petersburg where you can discover all its charms over two nights. Finally, the cruise will end in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. These five cities are the most emblematic and most touristic in the Baltic Sea. You will not regret opting for this itinerary.

"The Baltic cities are surrounded by magic and charm"

On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative we also present you with another possible route. In the second case, the duration is the same as the previous option and the places visited are identical. But this way you embark in Helsinki before getting to know St. Petersburg for two nights and then traveling on to Tallinn and Stockholm, the latter also for two nights. Finally, after a last day of sailing, the cruise will end in the German city of Rostock, one of the jewels of northern Europe. In this sense, Pullmantur puts the Baltic countries at your fingertips for you to be able to experience and enjoy some of the most enchanting cities of the continent.

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