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Discover Venice, Croatia and Greece cruise - Pullmantur

Discover Venice, Croatia and Greece cruise

The perfect alternative for exploring the best cities on the Adriatic

Sailing through the seas of Southern Europe means sailing into the past, the perfect trip for historians, crossing the maritime border between Italy and the Balkan countries of former Yugoslavia. The cruise will take you to Venice, Croatia and Greece, and to some of the most important ports on the Adriatic Sea and to the southern waters of the Aegean, stopping at the region’s most significant cities and capitals. You can start this 7-night itinerary in the Greek port of Piraeus, or you can opt to start your cruise from the other end, in the Italian city of Trieste, in northern Italy, on the border with Slovenia.

Whether you are setting off on your Pullmantur cruise or you are making your last stop at Piraeus, you can travel directly by road to the famous city of Athens, just 11 kilometres from the coast. The imposing Acropolis of Athens is one of the country’s most important monuments, most of these being situated in the capital. This ancient citadel contains the Parthenon, one of the temples most representative of Greek art and culture. You can also explore other impressive ancient buildings such as the Tower of the Winds, the Theatre of Dionysus and the Temple of Poseidon.

You will be equally impressed by the city of Trieste, which stands out impressively from other famous Italian cities, offering its extensive history combined with a range of architecture and in particular, a really welcoming atmosphere on the streets, with its numerous terraces and streets from which you can enjoy breath-taking sunsets. Some of the sights well worth visiting in this corner of Italy are the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Justus; the Arco de Riccardo or Richard’s Arch, which dates back to the 1st century, tucked away in a tiny square; the Roman Theatre of Trieste; Piazza d’Unità d'Italia, enclosed on three sides, opening directly onto the sea and the square and building of Trieste’s Stock Exchange, dating back to the early 19th century.

Discover some of the main tourist havens along the Adriatic coast

The Discover Venice, Croatia and Greece Cruise will also take you to the quintessential Greek island, Santorini. For many of its visitors, this is most special and picturesque corner of the whole Mediterranean, where you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. Strolling through Santorini, you will notice its unusual red volcanic cliffs and charming whitewashed houses, nestling in locations designed to help you unwind, such as White Beach or Red Beach, for complete peace and ultimate relaxation.

On this enjoyable action-packed trip, you will also be able to explore Montenegro, with a stop at the Port of Bar, one of the most unusual places along the Adriatic coastline. When it comes to exploring the city, you will need to remember that it is divided into two very different parts: the most modern and recent part has been built around the port and the older part, known Stari Bar, included in this Pullmantur stopover, is set back from the sea and considered one of the most visited parts of this Montenegro city. It is home to over 600 buildings of various architectural styles, including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

"Enjoy the natural attractions of Greece and Montenegro"

On its outskirts, Bar offers a wide variety of typical Montenegro settings so a good way of enjoying what Nature has to offer in Bar is to head for some of its best beaches, for example, Sutomorska and Maljevik, or if you have a little more time, explore the impressive Lake Skadar National Park, located in the very heart of Montenegro, but well worth a visit for its diversity of flora and fauna. And as a bonus, during all these outdoor activities, you will be enjoying the pleasant temperatures of southern Europe.

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Arquitectura, ocio y grandes dosis de naturaleza en Croacia e Italia

On this Pullmantur cruise, you will take in two of Croatia’s most visited tourist cities, Dubrovnik and Zadar. Dubrovnik is known as the pearl of the Adriatic, because of the marked contrast between the limestone and the dazzling blue of the sea. The Port of Dubrovnik is one of the oldest and most iconic in the whole of the Adriatic. After visiting the port, you will have the opportunity to explore the sights of the city: Stradun, Dubrovnik’s most quintessential street, the historic city walls and historic district castle or the surprising Pile Gate, the main entrance into this traditional Croatian city.

Your next stop will be Zadar, one of Europe’s hidden gems, situated in the Dalmatia region. The streets of Zadar offer a friendly atmosphere, steeped in rich and varied history, where trade between kingdoms and territories used reigned. During your visit to this city, you will see that it has kept its Venetian roots, reflected beautifully in its impressive architectural heritage. As a point of interest, Zadar was voted by travellers as Best European Destination 2016.

"Croatia, your perfect holiday destination"

And to top it all, on the Discover Venice, Croatia and Greece Cruise, you will of course be visiting Venice, the most romantic city in Italy and for many of its visitors, the most beautiful city in the world. A visit to Venice doesn’t just mean drifting along its canals in a gondola or strolling through Saint Mark’s Square - it’s a unique opportunity to explore the streets and buildings which have long been inspiring poets, artists, film directors as well as its millions of visitors. This is a unique city, constructed almost entirely on water: expect a wistful atmosphere, a very special kind of light and countless palaces, bridges and churches which will captivate you from the very start.

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