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Adriatic Sea Cruises - Pullmantur

Adriatic Sea Cruises

Discover the treasures of the majestic Adriatic Sea with Pullmantur

The Adriatic Sea, which covers an area spanning ​​approximately 160,000 square kilometres, is a long and narrow long gulf that bathes some of Europe -and the world's- most beautiful cities. This sea has a long and amazing history, having been used by the ancient Romans to transport goods through quiet waters in which they fought a thousand and one battles.

Today, the Adriatic Sea is one of Europe's main tourist attractions, bathing the coasts of Croatia and Italy, where you will find some of the continents most splendid and historic sights.

Aboard your Pullmantur cruise it'll be a voyage of a lifetime, enjoying the amazing turquoise blue of the waters of the Adriatic Sea and the unbeatable local climate as you travel from city to city, no doubt yearning to stay to live on these shores for life.

The Adriatic Sea, a massive art gallery replete with World Heritage Sites

Those who travel by cruise share a deep fascination for all things having to do with the sea. The salt waters are a fountain of inspiration, and it is not surprising that the ports that line the Adriatic Sea are similarly influenced by that maritime creativity. The result is a plethora of historic cities full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Travel from Dubrovnik, the most spectacular medieval city in Europe, to the charming Venice, where you'll be dazzled by its historical centre, the grand lagoon and even have time for a ride on one of those iconic gondolas... It's a non-stop parade of art everywhere you look. Let your eyes gaze upon the Parthenon in Athens or the old city of Corfu, in the very heart of the Greek Islands. Later, check out incomparable Kotor, a wonder in swinging Montenegro. Prepare to be blown away by the beauty before you!

"The Adriatic Sea, an uninterrupted art walkway"

The cities caressed by the soft breezes of the Adriatic Sea have a common link: an ancient, thousand-year old culture and classic beauty, the likes of which are unlike anything you've ever seen. If you have never been interested in this area before, you'll be sure to be fascinated by all the wonderful secrets hidden therein.

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An historic and epic adventure awaits you on the Adriatic Sea

The mere mention of Italy, Greece, Croatia or Montenegro no doubt makes you curious. Imagine what it's like to wander about the streets of these ancient, monumental cities, full of all sorts of wonders. On Pullmantur's Venetian Rondó cruise you'll discover all the cultural wonders on the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Take in the major monuments of the Adriatic's most beautiful cities over the course of your voyage, visiting the Roman Forum at Zadar, the Acropolis in Athens or Dubrovnik's fantastic medieval wall in Croatia. In addition to these magnificent sites, you can also visit iconic locations including St. Mark's Square in Venice, the spectacular Stradun in Dubrovnik or the Athenian Temple of Zeus. If you like history, visiting the Adriatic Sea and its most emblematic cities will leave you delighted.

"The Adriatic Sea, a complete, endless art gallery"

Your Pullmantur cruise allows you to discover European history first-hand, while simultaneously relaxing on beaches bathed by turquoise blue waters. Take in whatever you wish and treat yourself on this voyage of singular pleasures, across a sea that is home to civilization's treasures. Join us today!

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