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Trotanautas - Pullmantur

We are the Trotanautas: our onboard kids entertainment programme

We are the Trotanautas revolves around the Trotanautas gang, made of six cartoon characters who represent six of the eight types of human intelligence (natural, spatial, linguistic, musical, body and logic). This experience is much more than a simple kids club, it is an adventure that starts when we get on board and in which the protagonists, the children, have many surprises and unexpected situations. The little ones become Trotanautas from the moment they embark of a Pullmantur cruise, when they get their own passport with all their adventures, along with their new friends on the boat.

Trotanautas is a new way of taking a cruise for families with kids aged up to 11. Every day, the children will have a new mission set by Dr Pull, to test their skills and abilities with their friends and the Trotacoaches. The little sailors must put an end to the evil designs of the Plastifetid Monster to end all the fun on the boat. The whole Trotanauta community is based at the 1,000 Bubble Ship, a space with the curious shape of a fun submarine.

Activities on board the ship

The children will be split into groups aged up to 3 (with their parents), aged 3 to 6 and from 7 to 11.

Activities include a special Check-in for the little ones, a curious inauguration and the official start of the Trotanautas Experience, an open day to visit the 1,000 Bubble Ship, to learn about the daily missions to achieve the final victory, activities to develop skills and intelligence, the Trota Buffet, which is a new food experience with a menu exclusively for the children and a number of fun family challenges and other group plans.


    There are many games and workshops in which each character represents a kind of activity based on a type of intelligence.
    There are 6 activities of this type every day, aimed at children aged between 3 and 11.


    There will be six weekly missions in the afternoons, when the children are most active.
    There will be two daily missions when we are sailing. At the end of each one, the Trotanautas passports will get a stamp.


    There will be 6 in the week divided into 2 different categories: on board the ship and in the destination.
    The instructions for each challenge will be sent out to the devices of the family.


    These are special times on the ship and require prior registration. They will take place in the morning, afternoon and evening.
    Activities include visits to the theatre, acrobatics and visiting the artists’ cabins.

I want to know more about the Trotanautas



We have prepared a series of activities and special workshops for kids under 3, led by our Trotacoaches with the presence and participation of parents or guardians.

There are a number of different leisure plans on board that aim to encourage interaction between children and adults.

They are aimed exclusively at the smallest passengers on the ship, who cannot be included in the other Trotanautas activities because of their age.

Extra kids services

Trotanauta evening - Pullmantur


Games, crafts, gymkhanas and a load more activities through the night. We can also watch a favourite film and sleep in the 1,000 Bubble Ship.
Cupcake workshop - Pullmantur


Enjoy a fun day decorating original and colourful cupcakes with your family. Choose your own frosting and add as many toppings as you want: biscuit, chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, nuts...
Babysitter service - Pullmantur


We look after your children in the ship’s kids facilities while you enjoy the activities for the grown ups of the family.

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