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Family cruises: activities and leisure for kids - Pullmantur

Family cruises: activities and leisure for kids

The wide range of Pullmantur cruises are an excellent choice for travelling with children, and you can choose from many national and international ports as your destination. Planning your family holidays will therefore become a different way of seeing the world and having a great tourist experience with your family. Each of our routes offers complete choice of fun and entertainment for the youngest passengers on the cruise.

Travelling on a cruise with your family has emerged as a powerful trend in recent years, because it means offering children a great way to meet new friends and make the most of the time they spend at sea while their parents enjoy relaxing and disconnecting, knowing that they are being entertained and looked after by excellent professionals.

The best part of choosing a cruise holiday is knowing that every member of the family has a customized range of leisure activities to suit all tastes. Age is not a problem when people decide to embark on a holiday with us, because every Pullmantur route is prepared to meet the needs of the oldest and youngest members of the family, so they all have a great time from the moment they step on board.

So if you are thinking about going on holiday with your children, anywhere in the world, but still have not made your mind up about the alternatives on offer, we recommend you choose one of Pullmantur’s fascinating complete cruises as one of the best options on the market for travelling with young children. You can rely on our kids entertainment service and all members of the family will be delighted and satisfied.

Kids entertainment: a new onboard leisure programme

At Pullmantur Cruises we are aware of the growing importance of family holidays, so we have spent the last few months working on all the details of these cruises and specializing in the design and creation of routes that ensure full satisfaction for all the passengers on board. We are paying special attention to the Trotanautas who will be using the facilities of our four ships with their parents.

Travelling with Pullmantur is a byword for trust and peace of mind, with the option to enjoy our full All Inclusive package, free of any additional charges not indicated at the time of making your booking. Take it easy. Everyone in the Pullmantur fleet speaks your language and we know what we have to do: find the perfect balance so that everyone in the family has a great time on board, feeling perfectly at home from the very start.

"See our cruises that are ideal for kids"

Because we know that every child is unique and special, we have incorporated the Trotanautas experience to our carefully prepared holiday package. It is a programme of customized adventures for all kids. We have definitely got this sorted. We want them to be the real heroes, to have fun and the times of their lives as they make new friends and explore new terrain, and we want to be part of it and to have a role in your family’s experiences as you enjoy every day together on board.

Specific parts of the ship

Extra kids services

Trotanauta evening - Pullmantur


Games, crafts, gymkhanas and a load more activities through the night. We can also watch a favourite film and sleep in the 1,000 Bubble Ship.

Cupcake workshop - Pullmantur


Enjoy a fun day decorating original and colourful cupcakes with your family. Choose your own frosting and add as many toppings as you want: biscuit, chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, nuts...

Babysitter service - Pullmantur


Ask for our onboard babysitter service so that your kids can stay in the children’s facilities on the boat while you enjoy other activities aimed at the adults of the family.

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